5 Best AI Math Solvers for Students in 2024

These AI math solvers use the latest AI and machine learning algorithms to help you solve math problems with step-by-step solutions and guidance, and can help you gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

AI math solvers provide a more interactive way of learning and have been shown to help in all aspects including attention, retention, and understanding. They helped me personally and made my study way more efficient overall.

In this guide, I’ve identified the 5 best math solvers for students in 2024.

wolfram alpha block logo

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha excels in math solutions for students, offering step-by-step guides, hints, and practice questions.

symbolab block logo


Symbolab delivers accurate, AI-driven math solutions from basic algebra to calculus, ideal for students in 2024.

photomath block logo


Photomath uses computer vision to offer quick, accurate math solutions via a user-friendly app, ideal for students.

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Interactive Math

Interactive Mathematics combines conversational AI and expert lessons for reliable math help for students.

GPT4 block logo


GPT-4 excels in NLP and serves as a unique, reliable math solver for all educational levels, perfect for helping with word problems.

What is the Best AI Math Solver?

Leveraging AI classes for kids and students has a range of benefits including enhanced learning, technological literacy, and it even gives a competitive edge.

Choosing the best AI math solver can be decided by a number of factors including:

  • Functionality: Does the solver cover everything you need? From basic algebra to calculus, the software should cater to your requirements.

  • Accuracy: How reliable and accurate are the solutions provided? Accuracy is obviously very important when choosing a study assistant.

  • Usability: Is the interface user-friendly? There’s no point in getting a tool that’s hard or frustrating to use.

  • Interactivity: Does the solver offer step-by-step guidance? Interactive features can allow you to get a deeper understanding of the concepts you’re studying.

  • Price: Is it affordable? If you’re a student it’s likely that you’re probably not rolling in money so a balance between affordability and quality is a must!

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I considered all these factors when determining the best AI math solver for students in 2024. Let’s check them out.

1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha logo

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful mathematical computational and natural language engine that is highly capable no matter what level of mathematics you might be at.

It can handle algebra, calculus, differential equations, and everything in between. Wolfram Alpha is up to any challenge from all levels of students from primary school to university and college students.

The platform is renowned for its accuracy and reliability in solving mathematical problems, even for advanced calculus and other advanced mathematical concepts.

Wolfram Alpha’s user-friendly interface provides a simple yet intuitive experience without unnecessary complexity, which is exactly what you need when selecting a study tool.

Wolfram Alpha example showing an integration of a SIN function and a visual representation of the integral on a graph

It offers step-by-step guidance for most problems, which helps your understanding by allowing you to work through the solution. It’s also really handy if you ever get stuck on a problem and can’t figure out why!

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If you want a more challenging approach Wolfram Alpha can offer hints to problems too rather than just showing the whole solution, which is a great feature for reinforcing what you’re trying to learn.

Wolfram Alpha also has a range of practice problems and answers if you really want to smash your next exam and get top of the class.

Wolfram Alpha has been around since 2009 and over that time it has amassed some amazing capabilities.

Wolfram Alpha can accurately solve basic and advanced math problems, provide detailed step-by-step solutions, and provide extra problems and hints along the way. All this at an affordable price makes Wolfram Alpha the best AI math solver for students in 2024.

Key Features

  • Vast Capabilities: Wolfram Alpha can handle algebra, calculus, differential equations, and everything in between, making it suitable for students at all levels from primary school to university.

  • Step-by-Step Solutions: You’ll get step-by-step solutions and Wolfram Alpha can also provide hints instead of the complete solutions for a more challenging approach to learning.

  • User-Friendly: Wolfram Alpha’s simple and intuitive interface is the perfect approach for an AI math solver.


wolfram alpha pricing with basic, pro, and pro premium for free, 5.46, and 9 dollars respectively.

Wolfram Alpha offers a free solution, as well Pro and Pro Premium options.

  • Free: Solves most math problems, with no extra features like hints, and step-by-step solutions.

  • Pro: Pro offers the full suite of Wolfram Alpha features including step-by-step solutions, solutions to most math problems, guided calculators for calulus, and more for $5.46/month paid per semester.

  • Pro Premium: Offers all the features found in the Pro plan with the added benefit of priority support and additional guided calculators for $9/month.


  • Accuracy: Known for its precise solutions even in advanced mathematical concepts, Wolfram Alpha is a trusted tool for all math problems.

  • Enhanced Learning: With features like step-by-step guidance and hints, Wolfram Alpha reinforces learning by allowing you to work through solutions and overcome difficulties.

  • Affordable Tutor: Offering a range of practice problems and answers at an affordable price, Wolfram Alpha serves as a great study companion for students aiming to excel in exams and crush their math homework.


  • Relying too heavily on automated solutions may hinder your development if you rely on them too much!

2. Symbolab

Symbolab logo

Symbolab is an online artificial intelligence powered math solver that gives accurate solutions to all your maths problems from beginner’s math homework to advanced college grade solutions.

Symbolab can solve everything from basic algebra to advanced calculus as well as simultaneous equations, integrals, derivatives, limits, trigonometry, and everything in between! It also has a good reputation for giving accurate solutions to all your math problems.

The Symbolab interface is user-friendly and provides everything you need without overwhelming the user with options. Perfect for anyone looking to get going quickly with an AI math solver.

Symbolab GUI showing a range of functions and controls

Symbolab offers step-by-step guidance for solving your math problems – acting like a private math tutor available 24/7. The interactivity will help you learn faster and understand the process involved in finding a solution much better.

If you want to go the extra yard in your study Symbolab also has practice problems for a wide range of math topics, allowing you to better prepare for the upcoming exam or assignment.

Symbolab recently integrated an interactive geometry tool that allows you to draw triangles and various other shapes and perform measurements and trigonometric functions on them, which is an awesome feature!

Symbolab has been around since 2011 and has a great reputation as one of the best AI math solvers available, making it a close second as the best AI math solver for students in 2024.

Key Features

  • AI Solver: Symbolab provides accurate solutions to a vast array of math problems, including basic algebra, advanced calculus, simultaneous equations, integrals, derivatives, limits, trigonometry, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Symbolab interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it easily accessible without overwhelming you with options.

  • Interactive Geometry Tool: Symbolab’s geometry tool allows you to draw, measure, and perform trigonometric functions on various shapes.


Symbolab pricing showing monthly, annual, and semi annual options for their pro plan at 9.94, 3.33, and 4.99 dollars respectively.


  • Solid Solutions: Symbolab has a good reputation for giving accurate answers to all your math problems.

  • Private Tutor Experience: The platform offers step-by-step guidance for solving problems, acting like a personal math tutor available at all times.

  • Practice Problems: Symbolab provides practice problems across a wide range of math topics, helping you to prepare better for exams or assignments.


  • Symbloab lacks some of the natural language functionality found in Wolfram Alpha.

3. Photomath

Photomath logo

Photomath is an AI math calculator that’s clever design allows you to solve math problems with ease.

Photomath allows you to use your camera phone to photograph the math problem, it then uses computer vision to convert the text to a format the algorithm can understand, and provide a solution!

Photomath is known for impressing it’s first-time users with accuracy and how fast it can generate solutions to your math problems.

The app’s accuracy is ensured by a team of expert teachers, making it a reliable tool to assist with math homework across a variety of math subjects.

Photomath mobile GUI showing the solving steps for a basic algebra problem

Usability is a key strength; users can seamlessly navigate the app to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts, from basic arithmetic to complex calculus.

Interactivity is central to Photomath’s success; the app’s design enables learners to explore solutions at their pace. Whether it’s a student struggling with a specific math problem or a parent wanting to assist their children, Photomath’s user-friendly interface and precise ai math problem solver cater to various educational needs.

Photomath is more than just a simple tool – it’s a devoted study companion for users at all educational levels landing it in third place as the best AI math problem solver for students.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Photomath’s comprehensive functionality enables users to scan, interpret, and manually input math problems for step-by-step solutions across a wide range of math subjects.

  • Teacher-Ensured Accuracy: The app’s accuracy is ensured by a team of expert teachers, providing reliable assistance for math homework and reinforcing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

  • User-Friendly Interactivity: Interactivity is at the heart of Photomath, with a user-friendly interface that allows students and parents to explore solutions at their own pace, catering to individual educational needs.


  • Versatile AI Problem Solver: Photomath helps users master math skills from elementary to advanced levels, making it an adaptable educational tool.

  • Instant Solutions: Photomath’s immediate step-by-step solutions save time and enhance efficiency in studying or aiding with math homework.

  • Self-Paced Learning: Emphasizing detailed explanations fosters self-paced learning, enabling users to delve into problems according to their comfort levels.


  • Potential Over-Dependence: The reliance on AI may limit personalized engagement and nuanced understanding, leading to potential over-dependence on the app for complex problems.

4. Interactive Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics Logo

Interactive Mathematics works with millions of students each year who get ahead in math by leveraging free lessons. Interactive Mathematics has taken the expertise learned from this and combined it with AI to make a powerful AI math problem solver and math tutoring chat platform.

The solver offers comprehensive coverage from basic algebra to advanced calculus and its broad functionality allows it to cater to students at all levels of study.

Interactive mathematics solutions are designed to be highly reliable and accurate. The platform is built with an underlying large language model making it the strongest solver for math word problems.

Interactive Mathematics minimizes frustration and provides an easy experience. Ease of use is key, and the platform is designed for best use on mobiles and tablets.

Interactive Mathematics GUI example showing a derivative being solved with the chain rule.

Interactive Mathematics interactive features allow for a deeper understanding of math word problems by allowing them to be navigated with conversational AI. This means you can ask questions, or get further clarification when needed – which is incredibly powerful for better learning and understanding. Conversational AI is a great way to work through step-by-step solutions to all your math problems too.

When you sign up to Interactive Mathematics you get some awesome bonuses including prep courses, textbook discounts, resume review services, and even college student loan counseling!

Interactive Mathematics is an advanced LLM-powered maths app best for solving word problems earning it third place in the list of best AI math solvers for students in 2024.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Interactive Mathematics provides a wide range of mathematical solutions from basic algebra to advanced calculus.

  • User-Friendly: With a focus on minimizing frustration, Interactive Mathematics offers a seamless experience for users.

  • Conversational AI: Interactive Mathematics allows for enhanced interaction with math word problems. This feature enables users to ask questions and receive clarifications which is great for better learning and understanding.


Interactive mathematics pricing shows $9.99 per month


  • Versatility: The platform’s ability to cover various mathematical domains helps you enhance your skills in different areas.

  • Interactive: The conversational AI feature ensures an interactive learning experience, making it more engaging and personalized.

  • Value-Added Bonuses: Signing up for Interactive Mathematics provides additional perks, including discounts on prep courses, textbooks, resume review services, and student loan counseling.


  • It lacks some functionality seen in other tools like geometry and graphing features.

5. GPT4

OpenAI logo

GPT-4 is a highly advanced textual AI model developed by OpenAI. While primarily known for natural language processing, it can also be a formidable tool for math students seeking a unique approach to solving mathematical problems.

GPT-4’s textual processing capabilities make it a unique math solver, allowing users to input problems in the form of written questions and receive detailed explanations and solutions in return.

The platform’s capabilities extend from basic arithmetic to complex mathematical problems, making it suitable for all levels of education. GPT4’s unique ability to understand and interpret math word problems makes it a standout tool in the realm of AI math solvers.

With its powerful AI engine, GPT4 ensures highly accurate solutions, fostering trust and reliability in handling any math problem. Whether you are a student seeking help with routine math homework or tackling intricate mathematical challenges, GPT4 offers dependable assistance.

GPT4’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing students to focus on learning and understanding mathematical concepts. The step-by-step guidance provided by GPT4’s AI-powered math tutor functionality enriches the learning process, leading to better retention and mastery.

If you are looking for an intelligent tool that can interpret math word problems with precision and assist with math homework, GPT4 is an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • AI Math Calculator: GPT4 functions as an AI math calculator, equipped to solve and interpret math word problems across various mathematical domains.

  • AI-Powered Math Tutor: The AI-powered math tutor feature ensures personalized guidance and interactive learning, making math homework more engaging.

  • Accurate Interpretation: GPT4’s advanced algorithms provide accurate interpretations and solutions to math problems, from basic to advanced levels.


GPT4 is $20/month


  • Versatile Solver: GPT4’s ability to interpret math word problems makes it a versatile tool for handling various types of mathematical challenges.

  • Dependable Math Homework Assistant: With GPT4, math homework becomes more manageable, as the AI-powered math tutor guides you through solutions.

  • Comprehensive Understanding: GPT4’s detailed step-by-step solutions help users gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts.


  • Some users may find the advanced capabilities of GPT4 overwhelming at first, requiring a learning curve to fully exploit its potential.

Who Should Use AI Math Solvers?

Students comprise one major audience who can benefit from AI math solvers. These tools provide step-by-step workings and explanations alongside answers, helping students learn how to properly solve math problems. By seeing the full derivations, students can identify areas of misunderstanding and solidify their knowledge.

Beyond students, professionals like engineers, researchers, and even those working in AI often need to double-check complex mathematical work. An AI assistant can help verify the accuracy of their models and calculations much faster.

And for the general public, AI math solvers make it easy for anyone to get help with daily math questions and tasks, providing explanations in simple terms.

Which AI Chatbot Can Do Math Problems?

In terms of specific chatbots capable of solving math problems, the Wolfram Alpha neural network appears to have been trained on a vast range of labeled data making it capable of everything from work problems to complex calculus formulas.

For mobile usage, apps like Photomath allow you to simply scan a math problem and receive step-by-step methodology leading to the final solution.

The top AI math chatbots like GPT4 combine mathematical capabilities with the ability to break down explanations in an approachable way. Look for chatbots that indicate mathematical expertise alongside strong conversational skills to get the best math assistance via chat.

Wrapping Up

Today we dove in and took a look at the best 5 AI math solvers for students in 2024.

Wolfram Alpha took first place due to it’s reliability and ease of use with Symbolab and Photomath both being close runner-ups for second and third places.

AI math solvers are a must-have for any efficient student or professional looking to increase their productivity and accuracy.

That’s all from me today folks! 🙂

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