3 Best AI Video Documentation Software for How-to Guides

Generative AI isn’t just about simplifying copy and making cool images, it’s transforming how we communicate information. And the latest addition to AI’s bag of tricks is AI Video Documentation Software.

AI video documentation software allows you to create how to guides with close to no effort. You simply go through the process as you normally would, and the AI tracks your actions and captures each step of the procedure. The AI documentation software then automatically generates stunning how to guides in an instant.

In this article, I tried out the best AI video documentation software and identified the best products available in 2024.

Guidde logo block

#1 Guidde πŸ₯‡

βœ… AI-Powered Guides
βœ… AI Voiceovers
βœ… Easy Video Editing
βœ… Effortless Sharing

Scribehow logo block

#2 Scribehow πŸ₯ˆ

βœ… AI-Powered Guides
βœ… Auto Instructions
βœ… Sensitive Data Protection
βœ… Custom Branding

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#3 Tango πŸ₯‰

βœ… Interactive Guides
βœ… Real-Time Answers
βœ… Advanced Analytics
βœ… Super Efficient

What Are the Best AI Video Documentation Software?

These are the 3 best AI video documentation software in 2024:

  • 1. Guidde
  • 2. Scribehow
  • 3. Tango

Being such a new technology, there aren’t actually that many AI video documentation products to choose from. That being said, they all have their own unique attributes that are worth knowing before you commit to a purchase. So, let’s check em’ out shall we!?

1. Guidde

Guidde logo

Guidde video documentation is quickly setting the standard with its generative AI technology by allowing you to effortlessly generate comprehensive training material in just a few clicks.

To create video documentation with Guidde, all you have to do it install the browser extension, name your project, and start capturing. Check out this tutorial from Guidde if you want a feel for how it works. πŸ‘‡

Utilizing GPT-powered tech, Guidde magically creates step-by-step descriptions by tracking your actions in real time. The AI video generator will automatically create video documentation alongside of series of steps you can easily adjust to ensure they're perfect.

Guidde also offers an AI-generated voiceover feature, allowing for complete automation of your tutorials, how-tos, SOPs, procedures, and anything else you can think of!

Guidde example showing a tutorial on how to find my home on Zillow with a yellow checkbox and arrow.

Guidde is the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking to create stunning video documentation with hardly any effort. It's simple to use, it's affordable, and the AI video creation is the highest quality I saw.

With that being said, I can confirm that Guidde is the best AI video documentation software available right now.

Key Features

  • Magic Capture: Begin capturing your workflow with Guidde's browser extension, hit stop, and let Guidde do the rest. It's the ideal tool for crafting stunning how-to guides.

  • AI-Generated Voiceover: Select from a broad array of voices to narrate the steps in your video recording, allowing for full automation.

  • Editor Functionality: Guidde offers an intuitive video editor, allowing you to make subtle adjustments and get everything just as you need it.

  • Smart Sharing: Effortlessly share your video documentation through various channels with just a flick of your magic Guidde wand. ✨

  • Smart Controls: The video based guides can automatically blur sensitive information as you go.


Guidde pricing blocks with Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise

Guidde has 4 pricing plans with something to suit everybody:

  • Free: Perfect for beginners, offering up to 25 how-to videos and more.

  • Pro: At $16/user/month, it provides additional features like removing the Guidde watermark and custom branding.

  • Business: For medium to large teams at $35/user/month, this plan includes video privacy controls and text-to-voice generation.

  • Enterprise: Tailored for large-scale needs, features include video recordings & uploads and 180-day video insights.


  • Rapid Documentation: As a generative AI platform Guidde simplifies the process of creating video documentation. Guidde claim their software makes documentation 11x faster than traditional methods!

  • Efficiency and Collaboration: Guidde streamlines support operations, reduces support tickets, and enhances team collaboration.


  • Limited long form: Guidde may not be the best fit for extensive training modules requiring long videos.

Guidde logo block

Guidde πŸ₯‡

βœ… Automatically generates AI guides, how-tos, and tutorials

βœ… Allows for full automation with AI-voiceovers

βœ… Perfect for rapid documentation and efficiency

βœ… Automatically blurs sensitive data in your documentation

2. Scribehow

Scribehow logo

Scribehow is a generative AI platform that simplifies the arduous task of creating step-by-step guides and documentation.

Scribehow is popular with a range of market leading companies who use the AI video creation software to document processes, onboard new hires, and answer support tickets.

Scribehow's intelligent features not only capture any web or desktop process but also add a level of customization that can sometimes be missing from automated solutions.

With the ability to produce complete video and text guides, video editing, and its compatibility across a variety of platforms, Scribehow is another great contender for the best AI powered video documentation software.

Key Features

  • Web & Desktop Process Capture: The versatility to automatically create stunning how-to guides for any web or desktop-based process.

  • Automatic Step Instructions: Gone are the days of manually typing out step-by-step instructions. Scribehow’s AI automates the whole process saving you a ton of time.

  • Sensitive Data Redaction: A vital feature for modern companies that need to remain compliant with privacy laws.

  • Shareable Links & PDF Export: Easy sharing options to distribute your guides through various channels like email or your company's knowledge base.

  • Custom Branding: Insert your company logo and colors to produce on-brand, professional-looking guides.


Scribehow pricing blocks showing basic, pro, and enterprise plans

Scribehow features a few different pricing options and offers a 20% saving for yearly billing.

  • Basic: This free tier is perfect for small teams needing to document browser-based processes. Features include quick customization and shareable links, PDF & embed options.

  • Pro: Starting at $23 per seat per month, the Pro plan includes all Basic features, along with options to edit & redact screenshots and export to Confluence, HTML, & Markdown.

  • Enterprise: For companies with advanced security and compliance needs, Scribehow offers a custom-tailored Enterprise package.


  • Save Time: Scribehow's automated features make it possible to document processes up to 15x faster.

  • Get Answers Faster: Quick access to how-to guides allows team members to find answers to their questions up to 67% faster.

  • Increase Productivity: With all the time saved from not having to manually create guides, your team's productivity can boost by up to 25%.


  • Learning Curve: While generally user-friendly, some users might find it takes time to fully master all the advanced Scribehow features.

Scribehow logo block

Scribehow πŸ₯ˆ

βœ… Features automatic web and desktop process capture

βœ… AI generated step-by-step procedures and tutorials

βœ… Sensitive data redaction for compliance

βœ… Allows for custom branding and easily shareable links

3. Tango

Tango logo

Tango stands out as a powerful solution designed for swift and efficient creation of how-to guides.

Not only does Tango allow for easy documentation of any workflow or process, but it also enables you to transform these guides into interactive walkthroughs.

These are embedded directly into the browser, making it incredibly convenient for end-users to follow along without switching tabs or applications.

Tango's interface is intuitively designed, ensuring that even those with minimal technical expertise can document complex processes with ease. This makes it a versatile choice for both individual users and teams looking to streamline guides, how-tos, and onboarding materials.

Key Features

  • Quick Guides: Simply click through your steps and let Tango format screenshots, write descriptions, and give you a shareable link.

  • Interactive Walkthroughs: Your guides can become interactive tutorials that show your teammates exactly where to click, all in real-time on their screens.

  • Real-Time Answers: With Tango's browser extension, receive instant how-to guides relevant to the website or tool you are using - perfect for answering customer questions on the fly.

  • Advanced Analytics: Pinpoint how and where your guides are being used, which helps you identify key areas for attention and improvement.


Tango pricing blocks featuring free pro and enterprise plans

Tango offers a variety of pricing plans to fit every need:

  • Free: Aimed at individuals and small teams, it provides 25 workflows and basic sharing features.

  • Pro: At $16/user/month, this plan offers unlimited workflows and advanced viewership insights among other perks.

  • Enterprise: Starting at a minimum of $10,000 annually, this plan is targeted at larger teams requiring enhanced security and control features.


  • Quick Documentation: Tango allows you to create guides in minutes, thereby saving you hours of manual work.
  • Efficiency and Collaboration: Tango’s collaborative workspaces and real-time alerts make it a prime tool for boosting productivity and collaboration.


  • Pricing: The cost for the Enterprise plan might be too much for smaller companies or startups.

Tango logo block

Tango πŸ₯‰

βœ… Easily shareable AI generated video documentation

βœ… Unique interactive walkthrough guides

βœ… Real-time answers perfect for customer service desks

βœ… Analytics tools allow you to identify key areas of attention

Who Should Use AI Video Documentation Software?

AI video documentation software is ideal for a range of users looking to simplify and enhance their informational or instructional output. Here's a breakdown of who could benefit:

  • Customer Support Teams: To quickly answer customer questions, support teams can leverage video content created through such software, offering visual aid alongside verbal or written guidance.

  • Trainers and Educators: For those in training roles, a video generator can transform complicated subjects into easy-to-follow lessons.

  • Marketing Professionals: Individuals in marketing can magically create compelling product demos or tutorials as a part of their sales funnel or customer engagement strategy.

  • Software Developers: Documenting software functionalities or coding processes becomes much easier with automated video creation tools.

  • Small Business Owners: For those who can't afford a dedicated training or customer service team, AI video documentation can help bridge the gap by providing accessible instructional material.

  • Freelancers: Professionals who offer consulting or advisory services can use AI video documentation to deliver high-quality content to clients without the need for elaborate setups.

By offering a streamlined way to create valuable, easy-to-follow video content, AI video documentation software can serve a broad spectrum of needs across different sectors.

Wrapping up

Today we looked at the 3 best AI-powered video documentation software on the market.

Guidde took out top spot for its full range of features and high-quality documentation and simple video editing features. Scribehow came in as another solid choice with customization options and advanced features that cater to enterprise needs. Finally, Tango distinguished itself as an nice tool for creating quick and interactive guides directly in the browser.

Overall, these AI tools are perfect for businesses and individuals who are looking to save time, money, and effort while increasing efficiency in the workplace with the power of AI. 😍

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