How to Use Castmagic to 10x Your Content Throughput

Castmagic is a content automation and repurposing tool created specifically for podcasters, YouTubers, marketers, and content creators.

The tool serves as a user-friendly front-end web app backed by powerful AI tech.

Castmagic enables content creators to optimize their current workflow and add new channels without dramatically increasing time spent.

In this how to guide, I’ll show you exactly how to use Castmagic to 10x your content creation process without compromising on quality.

How Can Castmagic Help?

Castmagic logo

Castmagic helps content creators get maximum value by enabling various forms of content repurposing and significant optimizations to the content creation workflow.

By simply uploading your audio file or other media to Castmagic, the AI will transcribe your work, understand it, and provide a wide range of options for repurposing.

From here, automatically Castmagic provides:

  • Suggested titles

  • YouTube keywords, descriptions, and timestamps

  • Clip suggestions

  • Newsletter copy

  • Key topics

  • Tweets and Instagram Threads

  • Options for further social media posts

AI Generated content options by Castmagic.

You can also create customized automated workflows for repurposing your content for next time.

There’s a massive range of community prompts you can use right away for creating unique content, all based on your YouTube video, podcast audio, or other media.

Creating custom content using the Castmagic prompt field

To sum up, Castmagic helps by taking your existing content and maximizing the value you can get from it by repurposing it for more social channels. It also helps streamline the initial workflow by offering helpful SEO suggestions for your content’s metadata.

For anyone who’s interested, I took a deeper look in this up-to-date Castmagic review.

How to Use Castmagic

The beautiful thing about Castmagic is how simple it is relative to the powerful functionality.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to get started with Castmagic:

1. Sign Up

Head over to Castmagic.io and sign up. The good news is, you can get started with a 7 day free trial.

2. Choose a Content Profile

During the sign up process, you’ll be prompted to choose a content profile. Choose the profile that suits the first piece of content you will be uploading. You can create more and choose different content profiles later.

Castmagic content profile options.

3. Upload Your Media

Once you’re in, click “Import audio or video” in the top right hand corner. From here, you can:

  • Upload audio or video directly from your PC

  • Share URLs from YouTube, Vimeo, Reels, and TikTok

  • Configure an RSS feed

  • Integrate Zapier

Manu for Importing Audio or Video in Castmagic.

Once you’re ready, click submit. The Castmagic AI will start processing your upload – it might take a few minutes depending on the length and complexity of audio.

You’ll eventually be prompted with a save recording menu. Give your recording a name and a number if it’s chronological to other content. If you already have multiple spaces, choose the relevant space.

You’ll receive an email from Castmagic when your transcript has fully processed.

4. Match Speakers

Once your audio has been transcribed, you’ll need to match speakers. This process is beautifully intuitive and Castmagic’s AI is extremely accurate.

I found it easiest to click the Speakers button in the top right rather than scrolling through the entire transcript.

Labelling speakers in the Castmagic Transcript menu

If there are more speakers shown in Castmagic than are actually in your content, not to worry. Simply click each speaker, and then click Play sample audio to identify and label them appropriately.

You also want to choose if the speaker is the host or a guest – this help give the AI additional context for content creation down the line.

5. View AI Content Assets

Once your transcript is labelled, you can click over to the AI assets tab – this is where things get fun!

In the AI Content section you can:

  • Create your own custom content

  • Create custom content starting with examples (click Start with examples)

  • Choose from the pre-generated Recurring Content assets

  • Create and save your own recurring content prompts

I’ll talk more about this in the results section but for now, have a look around! Don’t be scared to click a few things or type in a prompt.

6. Try Magic Chat

Magic Chat is another way to extract information and additional content from your upload.

You can have a back and forth conversation with the AI with a direct focus on your content.

Try asking for 10 Tweets, and short blog post, web copy, key themes, summaries, or basically anything else.

If you’re stuck for ideas, try clicking the Explore community prompts button to see a massive range of custom content ideas.

7. Post Your Content

You probably have a pretty good idea of the social media snippets or channels you want to pursue already.

Using the steps outlined above, identify your automated content and simply copy it over to your desired channels

It really is that simple.

Tips For Using Castmagic

Castmagic is pretty intuitive, but there will always exist tips and actionable insights newcomers can use to streamline the learning curve:

Start With Shorter Content

  • Why: Shorter clips (5-10 minutes) are easier to manage and review.

  • How: Upload short segments of your content first to get a feel for the transcription quality and editing tools.

Consider Using Batch Uploads

  • Why: Saves time and ensures consistent processing.

  • How: Prepare multiple pieces of content and upload them, or upload batches of your existing content.

Use Custom Prompts

  • Why: Ensures consistency and saves editing time.

  • How: Create and use custom prompts for unique formats like show notes, blog summaries, or social media posts. To create custom prompts, scroll to the bottom of the AI content page and click New custom prompt.

Double Check Transcription Quality and Speakers

  • Why: Ensures you catch and correct errors early.

  • How: Regularly review transcriptions for accuracy, especially in the beginning, to identify and fix any recurring issues.

Use AI Tools Wisely

  • Why: Provides quick overviews but may miss nuances.

  • How: Use AI-generated summaries as a starting point but always review and tweak them for completeness and accuracy. Make sure you’re familiar with the content you’re working with.

Take Advantage of Support and Community

  • Why: Accelerates learning and problem-solving.

  • How: Take advantage of Castmagic’s support resources and community forums to ask questions and share tips. Click Join our slack community in the bottom left of the Castmagic user interface.

There are also a large number of alternatives to Castmagic – some of which have all the features and more, but most falling short of the mark.

Wrapping Up

Today I showed how to use Castmagic for beginners.

The good news is that getting familiar with Castmagic only requires a very simple guide due to the intuitive nature of the platform.

When starting out with Castmagic, don’t be afraid to click around and try different things. You really can’t mess anything up!

Good luck with your content automation and repurposing goals. 🙂

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