7 AI in Content Creation Trends to Know in 2024

Content creators are always looking for new ways to engage their target audience and streamline the creation process.

With the accessibility and capability of AI content creation tools increasing exponentially, creators now have more new tools at their disposal than ever before!

In this guide, I’ll explore the most popular ways content creators are leveraging AI to produce better, more engaging content faster than ever before.

Content creation with AI in 2024 is all about automation.

Think about repetitive tasks that previously took creators hours of time with every upload.

From automating subtitles and captions, to auto-translating, and even purpose built content automation tools like Castmagic.

The main content creation trend in 2024 is hiring out repetitive tasks to an AI contractor. 😏

1. Content Automation πŸ“ˆ

As AI tools become increasingly accessible through APIs, purpose-built content automation tools are on the rise.

These content automation tools often feature an intuitive front-end user interface that anyone can use, while the underlying technology is powered by cutting-edge AI.

Tools like Castmagic allow creators to upload their existing content in the form of audio of video files to automatically generate a wide range of content including full length blog posts, LinkedIn posts, titles, descriptions, and much more.

Recurring Content options in the Castmagic AI Content user interface
Content Automation tools like Castmagic are powerful tools for maximizing value from your content.

Some tools are even advancing to the levels of automating visual content from transcripts and audio files.

Content Automation tools are becoming a must have for efficient creators looking to maximize the value of every piece of content they create with the help of AI.

2. AI Captions and Subtitles πŸ™Š

If you’ve watched any type of short-form content in the last 12 months, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed they all tend to use subtitles and video captions… and there’s a good reason for this. πŸ‘€

Up until recently, creating captions for video content was all done manually, and if you’ve ever manually generated video captions you’ll know how time consuming it can be.

Well, thanks to AI, generating video captions and subtitles can now be completely automated and takes less than a few minutes!

Submagic GUI showing captions being added to a video.
Tools like Submagic completely automate the tedious task of adding subtitles.

I used to manually add captions to my YouTube shorts in Premiere Pro until I discovered how to automate the process with tools like Submagic for myself.

The best AI caption generators are able to automatically emphasize and colorize power words, and even add and animate relevant emojis and GIFs to your content! 🀯

Using an AI content creation tool to generate video captions is a no-brainer, especially for short-form content creators on social media, TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube who are looking to boost engagement, likes, and subscribers!

3. Dubbing and Translation πŸ’¬

Did you know only 19% of the world’s population speaks English?

Auto dubbing is an AI content creation tool that allows creators to connect with a much larger audience.

Using AI dubbing software to translate your content can be a gold mine for increasing your social media audience.

Using the latest natural language processing techniques, the best AI dubbing software allows you to take your existing content and dub it into multiple languages of your choice in minutes.

AI powered dubbing GUI from ElevenLabs

Tools like ElevenLabs’ dubbing suite offer speaker detection, voice cloning, and a range of other features allowing you to create content in up to 27 languages with basically no additional effort.

Growing your audience can be difficult at the best of times and content creators in 2024 have found an easy win by adding AI-powered dubbing software to their tool bags.

4. Stock Image Generation πŸ‘‡

AI image example generated with midjourney of a vicious tiger.
Generated with Midjourney.

If you’ve ever used an AI image generator you’ll remember how incredible they felt when you first began generating images from nothing but a text prompt.

Tools like Midjourney harness the power of deep learning to create images of basically anything you can think of!

For content creators, these AI image generators are making the sourcing of eye-catching and unique photos and graphics absolutely pain-free.

Nightclub Photography Midjourney Image
Nightclub Photography generated with Midjourney.

In the past, finding or creating visual assets could be a tedious and time-consuming process. You might spend hours browsing stock photo sites looking for the perfect image. Or you’d have to hire a designer and provide detailed instructions to get custom images made.

By adopting an AI tool for your image generation, you simply type in a text description of what you want, and voila – the tool generates a unique image for you within seconds.

AI image generators have become standard in the savvy content creator’s arsenal.

5. Copywriting πŸ–‹οΈ

ChatGPT was the spark that ignited the AI content creation revolution back in late 2022, and it didn’t take long for ChatGPT’s AI-generated content to make its way into articles and blogs everywhere.

ChatGPT and other conversational AI tools allow you to generate high-quality written content in a moment.

Here’s some of the most popular ways content creators are automating their work with AI writing tools:

  • Article Drafts: Perhaps one of the best ways to use AI for written content creation is by brainstorming the initial article layout and content ideas. Ask the AI to suggest a layout with the best headings that add value to the reader. You can also ask to add a few bullet points for each section. Now all you have to do is re-write it in your own tone and voice! βœ…

  • SEO Optimization: AI writing tools allow you to optimize your articles for SEO by analyzing the text and making suggestions. You can take your existing copy and ask the AI to optimize it for natural language processing, making it easier for Google to understand and index appropriately.

  • Brainstorming: We all suffer from writer’s block at one time or another. AI is probably the best tool to overcome writer’s block due to its ability to generate lists and ideas at the click of a mouse. Next time you get stuck, do a quick brain dump into your LLM of choice and you’ll be writing again in no time.

  • Script Generation: AI powered tools are incredibly good at brainstorming and creating content ideas for your social media and other short form content. Not only can they come up with new ideas, they can generate scripts with timestamps and suggested scene edits too!

Conversational AI is the best for creating high-quality content for your scripts, blogs, articles, books, and anything else containing the written word!

6. Music and Soundtracks🎡

Soundraw user interface showing an AI track edit underway.

Looking to take their video content creation to the next level, creators are now using AI tools to instantly generate high-quality, custom music tracks and clips that perfectly fit the vibe and timing of their videos.

AI music is perfect for content creators for a few reasons:

  • Copyright: AI-generated music means you don’t have to worry about copyright issues and prevents your content from ever being de-monetized due to copyright claims!

  • Price: Most AI music tools are super affordable, especially compared to the alternatives.

  • Customization: Have you ever had to edit your video to suit the timing of a song? Well with AI music you can edit the key moments in your song to suit the video! 🀟

AI music generators are trending with content creators as they’re enabling faster and more unique AI content creation legally and quickly! Another emerging trend amongst creators is the use of AI to generate music-videos for their original audio tracks.

7. Faceless AI Channels🍿

With all this talk of automation, savvy creators have found by combining the tools I’ve talked about so far they can create entire YouTube and social media channels with AI.

This means never have to get behind a camera or a microphone.

Take this video I made for instance. I used ChatGPT to generate a script, ElevenLabs to clone a voice and narrate it, Midjourney to generate base images, and RunwayML to animate the images. πŸ‘‡

Pretty incredible right!

It’s edits like this that really show what AI is currently capable of, and it’s getting better by the day.

What are the Advantages of Using AI for Content Creation? πŸ€”

AI content creation tools provide numerous benefits that make the entire content creation process faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • Fast Content Generation: AI tools can quickly produce initial drafts for video scripts, articles, social media posts, and other types of content, reducing the time spent by creators on writing and brainstorming.
  • Optimized Content for SEO and Audience: These tools analyze large datasets to suggest keywords, headlines, and formatting that improve search engine rankings and audience engagement.
  • Increased Content Production: With AI’s help, creators can significantly boost their output of various content types, maintaining a high content velocity crucial for audience retention.
  • Improved Content Quality: AI aids in creating high-quality content that better connects with the target audience by optimizing it for both reader engagement and SEO.
  • Efficiency and Ease of Use: AI content creation tools streamline the content production process, making it easier and more efficient for creators.
  • Personalization at Scale: AI can tailor content to individual preferences on a large scale, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

How will AI Impact Content Creators? πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Unemployed caption across a dull looking man in a suit sitting on a train
Unemployed? Well, not yet.

If you’ve read this far you’ve probably figured out that AI content creation tools are rapidly changing how things are done when creating content. Let’s discuss what the future holds for content creators as AI becomes better and more accessible:

  • Benefits of AI Tools: Advanced AI capabilities, such as natural language generation, aid in quickly ideating and drafting high-quality written content, brainstorming optimized topics and headlines, and generating images.
  • Risks of AI Content Saturation: The internet could become oversaturated with AI-generated content, making it more challenging for creators to stand out.
  • Importance of Authenticity: Creators may need to emphasize their unique voice, high production values, and genuine audience connections to differentiate their content in a crowded space.
  • Shift Towards Storytelling and Community: Success may increasingly depend on storytelling skills and community building rather than sheer content volume.
  • Challenges in Content Distribution: AI-optimized content marketing could raise the bar for ranking in search results and on social media, pushing creators to adopt new SEO strategies and leverage influencer networks.
  • The Need for a Human Touch: While AI can streamline content creation, the irreplaceable value creators bring includes creativity, personality, and direct engagement with their audience.
  • Strategic AI Integration: Creators who thoughtfully integrate AI tools into their workflow, using them to enhance rather than replace their unique offerings, are likely to benefit in this evolving landscape.

In summary, as far as I can tell, every good creator should be actively seeking out ways that AI can help in their content strategy. Whether it’s social media graphics, scripts, music, editing, or dubbing, there’s an AI that allows every creator to save time and improve their content in 2024!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, AI in content creation in a nutshell.

We took a look at the most popular and trending ways content creators are using AI to optimize, automate, and improve their everyday workflow.

Whether it’s a content marketing strategy, ad copy, or getting help with creative ideas – artificial intelligence technology is helping creators who seek its power. πŸ€–

As creators, we have to remember to use AI as a tool to streamline content production and aid in our human creativity, because I suspect not long from now, our biggest competitors might be the AI itself!

That’s it from me for today… catch-ya! πŸ‘‹

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