7 Best AI Prompt Marketplaces to Fastrack Your Skills in 2024

With platforms like Midjourney surpassing 18.5 million users in early 2024, platforms that grant access to the best AI prompts are becoming very popular.

In this guide, I’ll check out the 7 best AI prompt marketplaces on the internet so you can see which one is right for you.

Promptbase logo block

#1 Promptbase πŸ₯‡

Promptbase offers a massive selection of AI prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Leonardo.

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#2 Creator Templates πŸ₯ˆ

Content Creator Templates is your one-stop-shop for AI prompts, alongside a massive video templates library, and unlimited downloads!

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#3 PromptHeroπŸ₯‰

PromptHero is the best free AI prompt marketplace around allowing you to easily search and check out prompts from around the world.

What Are AI Prompt Marketplaces?

AI prompt marketplaces allow creators to easily buy and sell AI prompts at a moments notice. The best AI prompt marketplaces offer a wide range of easily searchable and downloadable prompts for various generative AI tools while also allowing creators to offer their own prompts for sale on the marketplace.

While anyone can open Midjourney or ChatGPT and start creating, when it comes to highly specific or unique outputs, using a good prompt marketplace can save you hours of time and effort.

Becoming what is known as a prompt engineer can take tens if not hundreds of hours of time spent using these AI tools.

AI prompt marketplaces allow you to fast track the way you create prompts by learning from the best prompt engineers in the business.

What Makes a Good Prompt Marketplace?

When identifying the best AI prompt marketplaces I used the following factors to influence my decision:

  • AI Prompt Library: Look for a marketplace with a comprehensive selection of prompts across various domains, ensuring you can find or sell prompts that meet specific needs.

  • Quality and Variety: The best marketplaces are curated to offer high-quality and diverse prompts, aiding in a wide range of content creation processes.

  • User Interface: A platform with an intuitive, user-friendly interface simplifies the process to create prompts or navigate the AI prompt library efficiently.

  • Community: Opt for a marketplace that fosters a supportive community for prompt engineers, facilitating learning and collaboration.

  • Flexibility: A versatile marketplace should allow users not only to buy but also to sell prompts, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for creators.

  • Affordability: Look for a marketplace that offers competitive prices for buying prompts and fair compensation for those looking to sell prompts.

  • Learning Resources: The availability of tutorials, guides, and resources can enhance your ability to create prompts and maximize the platform’s potential.

What Are the Best AI Prompt Marketplaces?

1. Promptbase

Promptbase marketplace homepage

Promptbase is widely regarded as the best AI prompt marketplace on the internet, and for good reason.

Promptbase offers thousands of prompts for all the best generative AI platforms including ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E, Leonardo, Llama, and Stable Diffusion.

The Promptbase user-interface is a sleek Midnight Blue theme with an intuitive layout making it easy to navigate the site and find exactly what you need.

Promptbase marketplace

While Promptbase doesn’t offer any direct community support on the site, it’s easy to find like-minded users on the r/Promptbase Reddit and other social platforms.

Signing up to become a seller on Promptbase is easy too and takes a matter of minutes. Once you’ve signed up you can start uploading your best prompts to the extensive knowledge base.

Once approved your assets will be live and you’ll start receiving Stripe payments reliably! I myself have had quite a bit of success selling prompts tailored to the users on Promptbase.

Promptbase also has a super sleek user dashboard that shows everything including purchases, sales, payouts, and more.

Promptbase dashboard showing sales information for the last 12 months

Promptbase doesn’t offer a subscription model, instead you pay for individual prompts as you need them. This leads to probably the biggest drawback I’ve found with Promptbase – the price!

The minimum price for a prompt is $2.99 with some of the very popular prompts going for prices in excess of $20! In this regard, subscription based prompt marketplaces are a bit better than Promptbase.

Promptbase also features a blog with infrequent updates to users, it could be better and it could be worse!

Overall, Promptbase is the best AI prompt marketplace on the internet in early 2024. The intuitive and sleek user-interface alongside a massive selection of reasonably priced (usually) prompts for the best AI platforms make it a pleasure to buy and sell prompts.

Promptbase logo block

#1 PromptbaseπŸ₯‡

βœ… Massive range of AI prompts for most popular models πŸ’»

βœ… Easy to buy, sell, and track your sales with the dashboard πŸ“ˆ

βœ… Pay-per-prompt model πŸ’΅

2. Content Creator Templates

Content Creator Templates prompt marketplace - no filters

The Content Creator Templates prompt marketplace is a relatively new marketplace offering AI prompts for GPT4, Midjourney, Dall-3, and Leonardo.

Being quite a new prompt marketplace, Content Creator Templates (CCT) lacks a little bit in variety – but what they lack in variety they certainly make up for in quality.

Another benefit of CCT is the massive video asset and sound effect libraries they offer alongside the prompt marketplace. Its a one-stop-shop for content creators to level up their video edits with templates and AI content.

Content Creator Templates video templates marketplace - newest first filter

I found the prompts on Content Creator Templates to be simple and effective – they did exactly as advertised. This is a nice change when compared to some other sites where the prompts can be outdated and ineffective.

CCT have gone for a “less is more” look which I really enjoy. The site is easy to navigate and the search function works well, allowing you to filter between platforms, most popular, most downloaded, etc.

Content Creator Templates YouTube Thumbnail v2 prompt example

While I couldn’t find a place for creators on CCT directly, they have a massive Facebook community for their ContentCreator.com sister site with over 50k followers.

Becoming a contributor on CCT is straightforward too, simply sign up and showcase some of your best assets, and wait for approval!

Perhaps my favorite thing about CCT is the pricing model. It’s a monthly or yearly subscription service that allows for unlimited downloads, which is seriously good value when you consider the prompts, video templates, sound FX, and tutorials available on the site.

Which leads me to my final comment about the blog. The Content Creator Templates blog is an invaluable resource for creators looking to learn more about video editing and content creation. There’s new articles every week with something for everyone – definitely worth checking out.

Content Creator Templates Blog

Overall, Content Creator Templates is an extremely affordable AI prompt marketplace perfect for video editors and YouTubers looking to take their content to another level. It’s a close second to Promptbase due only to its slight lack in prompt selection, for now.

Content Creator Templates logo block

#2 Content Creator TemplatesπŸ₯ˆ

βœ… Wide range of high quality AI prompts for most models πŸ€–

βœ… Massive libraries of video templates and soundFX πŸ“½οΈ

βœ… One-stop-shop for content creators and video editors βœ…

3. PromptHero

Prompthero homepage

PromptHero is one of the best free AI prompt marketplaces offering prompts for Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, and Openjourney.

PromptHero has an extensive prompt library that allows you to access images and their respective prompts for free.

Being a free marketplace, PromptHero lacks in quality and at times it can be difficult to find the unique prompt you’re after in their prompt libraries.

PromptHero also features an Academy section where you can learn to be a better prompt engineer and create consistent characters in your Stable Diffusion images. There’s also a job section you can check out with remote work opportunities for prompt engineers.

Overall, PromptHero is the best free prompt marketplace I have come across, but leaves quite a lot to be desired when compared to paid prompt marketplaces and services.

4. FlowGPT

FlowGPT homepage

FlowGPT is a community for anyone to share and discover new AI prompts tailored to their needs, especially those looking to ‘jailbreak’ ChatGPT or use the large language model without guard rails.

The site offers a range of interesting ChatGPT prompts including ChatGPT developer mode, various ChatGPT controlled prompt generator tools for Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and Leonardo, and even adult versions of Dall-E! 🫨

The best thing about FlowGPT is you can access all these models live on the site!

It’s an interesting resource for anyone looking to use AI tools without the restrictive safety guardrails put in place by the larger, more mainstream companies.

5. PromptSea

PromptSea homepage

PromptSea combines blockchain technology with AI prompt engineering skills by allowing creators to list their prompts as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The platform aims to safeguard the intellectual property of prompt engineers who currently can have their work taken and distributed by whoever has access to their prompts!

PromptSea allows a unique way for creators to safe guard their work while still being able to monetize it using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

6. Lexica

Lexica homepage

Lexica is a free image generator that allows you to search their extensive library of image generations from Lexica Aperture v2 and v3.5, and Stable Diffusion v1.5 for free.

The images are generated with Lexica Aperture v3.5 and are fairly competitive with other Stable Diffusion models when it comes to quality.

I found the homepage to be a great place to draw inspiration for unique imagery using AI image generators.

While not exactly an AI prompt marketplace, Lexica is a great resource for beginners looking to learn a few tricks and build their skills as a prompt engineer.

7. ChatX

Chatx homepage

ChatX offers a range of free and paid prompts for ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

At the time of writing, ChatX doesn’t appear to have much variety at all, especially when compared to some of the other AI prompt marketplaces here. I only counted a total of 52 prompts on the site (all of which were free).

I did like the interface of ChatX and the blog posts were relatively informative, although they are few and far between.

Overall, I think ChatX has potential as a great marketplace for prompt engineers to list their assets – it just needs heaps more work and attention!

Who Should Use a Prompt Marketplace?

AI prompt marketplaces cater to a vast audience ranging from beginners to seasoned AI enthusiasts seeking to enhance their content creation or programming tasks.

These platforms are ideal for those looking to bypass the steep learning curve associated with generating their own prompts for various AI tools.

  • Content Creators & Digital Artists: Those looking for unique AI prompts to generate novel artwork or digital content can significantly benefit from the diverse prompt library offered by AI prompt marketplaces.

  • Prompt Engineers: Individuals keen on monetizing their own prompts and sharing their expertise have an excellent avenue in AI prompt marketplaces to sell their creations and interact with a community of like-minded engineers.

  • Educators & Trainers: For those looking to incorporate AI tools into their teaching methodologies, AI prompt marketplaces provide a repository of educational prompts to facilitate learning.

  • Marketers & Copywriters: Professionals in need of generating creative content swiftly can utilize AI prompts from marketplaces to enhance their marketing materials or social media content.

  • AI Enthusiasts & Hobbyists: Individuals experimenting with AI tools and looking to explore the capabilities of AI in generating various types of outputs can find a breadth of inspirations in prompt marketplaces.

Whether you are a content creator needing specific outputs, a developer requiring code assistance, or an artist exploring generative art, AI prompt marketplaces provide valuable resources to fast-track your projects and creativity.

What Are Prompt Engineers?

Prompt engineers are individuals skilled in crafting prompts, or specific inputs, designed to guide generative AI models.

This involves understanding how to effectively communicate with AI to produce text, images, code, or other forms of content that meet specific criteria or creative objectives.

These engineers utilize a deep understanding of AI model behavior, linguistics, and sometimes programming to construct prompts that can leverage the AI’s capabilities efficiently and creatively.

The engineering part of the role involves iteratively refining these prompts based on the AI’s responses, aiming to enhance accuracy, creativity, or relevance of the generated output.

Key aspects of prompt engineering include:

  • Precision: Crafting prompts that are explicit and clear enough to produce the intended response without ambiguity.

  • Creativity: Using imaginative and innovative prompts that encourage the AI to generate unique and original content.

  • Optimization: Continuously refining prompts to achieve more accurate, relevant, and high-quality outputs.

  • Understanding AI: Knowing the limitations and strengths of different AI models to tailor prompts effectively for each use case.

  • Experimentation: Trying various approaches and prompt structures to understand how changes affect the AI’s output.

  • Custom Knowledge: Knowing platform specific syntax or other methods to guide to AI toward a desired output.

Prompt engineers are finding themselves working in sectors including content creation, marketing, product development, and software engineering.

Wrapping Up

In this guide I identified the best AI prompt marketplace on the internet in 2024.

With Promptbase landing itself as the top option due to its wide range, high quality prompts, and user friendly interface. The only drawback was the price on some of the more popular prompts.

Coming in a close second place was Content Creator Templates with their one-stop-shop for content creators featuring a range high quality prompts alongside a massive library of video templates and soundFX.

In third place came PromptHero due to it’s wide range of easily accessible free prompts for a variety of AI tools.

The other platforms all offered their unique drawcards and are worth a look too!

Happy prompting. 😎

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