5 Best AI Caption Generators for Video in 2023

With the massive rise of short-form content like TikTok and Instagram Reels, capturing and keeping people’s attention is harder than ever.

AI caption generators have been proven to improve engagement and allow you to pump out content much faster.

I remember manually adding captions to my video content using Premiere Pro – it was a massive pain, and took forever!

In this article, I’ve found the 5 best AI caption generators for your video content in 2023.

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#1 Submagic

Accurate AI-generated captions featuring auto-emoji, and keyword highlights for maximum engagement.

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User-friendly AI-driven subtitle generator, offering precise transcription and customizable editing tools.

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#3 Animaker

Easy-to-use AI caption generator, offering auto-subtitles, animations, and translation to over 100 languages.

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#4 Captions

Captions AI will automatically add engaging video captions to your Instagram Reels and other short-form content.

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#5 FlexClip

FlexClip is an all-in-one cloud editor that allows you to add AI video captions in a moments notice in their browser app.

What Is an AI Caption Generator?

4 example phone screens with captions on screen. From left, Hormozi, Gary Vee, Iman Gadzhi, and DOAC podcast.

Artificial Intelligence-powered caption generators work by leveraging speech-to-text technology and natural language processing to automatically create transcripts and subtitles for your video content.

The best AI caption generators can also add emojis and emphasize specific words in key sections automatically – which is super good for boosting engagement on your short-form content.

What Are the Best AI Caption Generators?

Here are the 5 best AI caption generators for video content in 2023, ordered from best to worst:

  • 1. Submagic
  • 2. VEED
  • 3. Animaker
  • 4. Captions
  • 5. FlexClip
  • 6. Kapwing

1. Submagic

submagic full logo

Submagic is fast becoming the industry standard when it comes to AI caption generators.

Submagic allows you to upload your short-form content and effortlessly generate accurate captions in a range of styles in a matter of minutes.

Submagic uses natural language processing to auto-generate captions in up to 48 languages and it can automatically add Emojis and highlighted keywords to your videos - a pretty neat feature if you ask me.

The Submagic app offers heaps of templates to help you get started creating content with aesthetic captions faster. Some popular templates include Beast (inspired by Mr.Beast), Ali (inspired by Ali Abdaal), and Devin (inspired by Devin Jatho). These templates mean you can start generating world class video captions seconds after signing up!

Submagic can also generate descriptions and hashtags for your videos, saving you from having to come up with them yourself or use an AI language tool.

What I liked most about Submagic was how good the user interface is. Once the subtitles are generated by the AI, it's simple to make final tweaks like adding and removing lines and words before downloading the finished product.

I used Submagic to generate captions for my latest YouTube short and I'll never look back!

Submagic has everything you need to generate AI video captions for your short-form content. It's got a bunch of neat features like auto emoji and impact words, and most of all, it's super easy to use. With all that being said, I can confidently say Submagic is the best AI caption generator for video in 2023.

Key Features

  • AI Captions: That's what we're here for right? Submagic's AI generates accurate captions for your short-form content in seconds.
  • Auto Emojis and Impact Words: Submagic automatically adds emojis and highlights important keywords to increase engagement and save you time.
  • Trending Templates: Submagic offers a range of templates so you can have the freshest captions and take full advantage of current viral trends.
  • Auto Description and Hashtags: Submagic auto-generates descriptions and relevant hashtags for your content.


Submagic pricing blocks showing the basic and pro plans

Submagic offers 2 pricing options:

  • Basic: $16/month billed annually gets you up to 20 90-second videos per month.
  • Pro: The most popular option at $40/month is billed annually. Pro gets you unlimited videos and auto descriptions with hashtags.


  • Increased Engagement: Captions have been proven to increase engagement on both short and long-form content. They also make your content look professional and can help boost likes and subs.
  • Time-Saving: Submagic saves you a bunch of time, automating the tedious process of captioning videos and manually adding impact words and emojis.
  • Go Viral: Submagic's collection of the latest trendy templates will help you get trending and go viral.


  • The videos have a 90-second limit so Submagic isn't good for long-form content creators.
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#1 Submagic 🥇

✅ Automatically transcribes AI-powered captions

✅ Automatically adds Emojis 🤯 and impact words to videos

✅ Perfect for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok videos

✅ Monthly or Yearly subscriptions available


veed logo full

VEED is a user-friendly AI subtitle generator app that allows you to effortlessly upload and caption your video using the VEED web app.

Veed is a popular tool amongst creators looking to leverage AI in their content creation efforts.

I've made a few motivational clips in my time with random bits of audio and video, and I've always been impressed with the accuracy of VEED.

Even with poor-quality audio, it seems to get it right almost every time. And not to worry if it doesn't - the user interface makes it super easy to modify any captions before exporting your content.

VEED GUI editing a YouTube short with David Goggins showing on screen.

VEED has a range of editing tools in the web app that are more than enough to edit a full video using just VEED and nothing else.

It also features additional visual effects like timeouts, transitions, and emojis to help boost the engagement of your audience. When adding the final touches to your content you can leverage VEED's stock audio and video library, and VEED even features audio cleaning.

VEED offers everything you need to create engaging videos with auto-captions in the latest trends and styles. It's quick and easy to use which lands VEED in second place as the best AI caption generator in 2023 - a close runner-up.

Key Features

  • AI Subtitles: VEED's near-perfect accuracy AI transcribes audio and video content into captions at a moment's notice.
  • Customization: Personalize subtitles by changing their style, font, and color, and even animate them, highlight specific words, and add Emojis - everything you need to keep up with the best video captions out there.
  • Full Video Editor: You're not just getting a captions app. The VEED app includes a full suite of video editing tools that help you create your content without the need for any additional software.


VEED pricing blocks with Free, Basic, Pro, and Business plans from left to right

Veed has 4 different pricing options for creators:

  • Free: Free watermarked 720p exports, 30 minutes of subtitles a month - great for trying it out.
  • Basic: $18/month when billed annually, 720 minutes of subtitles a month, extra features including 1080p 25-minute exports.
  • Pro: $30/month when billed annually, 1440 minutes of subtitles a month, extra features including text-to-speech.
  • Business: $59/month when billed annually, 8000 minutes of subtitles a month, extra features including AI avatars.


  • Better Branding: With customizable subtitles and animations, VEED really allows you to make sure your brand shines through in the content.
  • All-in-one: VEED allows you to fully edit your content from start to finish meaning you don't need any additional software.
  • Efficiency: The AI subtitle generation saves massive amounts of time, allowing you to create more content faster!


  • The video editor can be a bit fiddly when editing long-form content - specifically when trying to accurately select something from the timeline bar.
Veed block logo

#2. VEED

AI-driven subtitle generator with near-perfect accuracy. Offers a suite of editing tools including subtitle styles, animations, and visual effects for seamless content creation.

3. Animaker

Animaker logo full

Animaker is an AI-powered caption generator that allows you to create, customize, and generate captions for videos with ease.

Animaker can recognize speech and auto-generate subtitles, while also offering a bunch of formatting options and animations that help you to engage your audience.

It provides a user-friendly process for uploading, auto-subtitling, and then downloading your videos, making adding subtitles to your content as simple as it should be!

Due to the simplicity, quality, and reliability of Animaker, I'm giving it third position in the list of the best AI caption generators in 2023.

Key Features

  • AI Captions: Animaker uses advanced AI technology to accurately recognize speech and generate video captions.
  • Fully Customizable: Animaker allows you to customize the subtitles by adjusting times, changing text formats, and adding animations.
  • Translation: Animaker supports auto-translation to over 100 languages, making it the best option if you're trying to connect with an international audience.


Animaker pricing blocks with starter, pro, and enterprise blocks.

Animaker has 4 pricing tiers available

  • Free: Get basic subtitle features on the free plan. It's enough to try before you buy.
  • Starter: $25/month billed yearly, 15-minute video length, 10 downloads a month.
  • Pro: $39/month billed yearly, 30-minute video length, 30 downloads a month, access to 30k+ music tracks.
  • Enterprise: Contact Animaker for custom pricing.


  • Improve Watch Rates: Animaker improves viewer retention and social media presence by adding engaging captions to your videos.
  • Engage A Wider Audience: With its language translation feature, Animaker makes content accessible to viewers across the globe.
  • User-Friendly: Animaker offers a user-friendly interface making it easy even for beginners to generate, customize, and download subtitled videos.


The free tools on Animaker are limited, but enough for you to get started.

Animaker block logo

#3. Animaker

User-friendly AI-powered caption generator offering customizable subtitles, animations, and translations to over 100 languages, ensuring broad audience reach and engagement.

4. Captions

Captions logo

Captions is your all-in-one AI-powered creative studio for mobile.

What's totally unique about Captions is the fact it's a completely mobile interface.

I've always been hesitant to try and edit content on a mobile but Captions actually makes it fairly easy!

And it's not just simple edits either. Captions offers everything you need to do full video edits in the palm of your hand.

Captions GUI shown on a mobile phone. Editing a video and adding video captions.

Captions has gone all in on AI features. It's got everything including an eye-contact tool, voice cloning, audio cleaning, speech correction, color grading, and even background removal! It's got the lot!

Adding video captions is a breeze. The AI is super accurate and editing any mistakes in the captions is straight-forward.

As far as mobile apps go, Captions is perfect for creators who don't have, or don't like working on a desktop PC.

Key Features

  • Mobile Interface: Captions operates exclusively on mobile, perfect for creators who prefer or only have access to mobile platforms.
  • Comprehensive Editing: Captions enables full video edits, expanding the boundaries of mobile editing.
  • AI Toolset: Captions integrates advanced AI features like eye-contact enhancement, voice cloning, and audio cleaning.
  • Speech Correction: The app automatically corrects verbal mistakes at the click of a button.
  • Color Grading: Customizable color settings allow for professional-quality visual output.
  • Background Removal: AI-enabled background removal is a neat effect for making your content stand out from the rest.


Caption offers 2 pricing models for the mobile app. $9.99 for a monthly plan or $65 for a yearly subscription.


  • Accessibility: Captions' mobile interface makes creative tools available anytime, anywhere.
  • Ease of Use: Surprisingly user-friendly for a mobile video editing app.
  • Versatility: With a wide range of features, Captions can meet multiple creative needs using just one app.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By consolidating multiple functions into one mobile app, Captions reduces the need for extra software or a desktop PC!


  • As good as mobile editing gets, it will never truly beat editing your content on a desktop PC.
Captions logo block

#4. Captions

Mobile app with a full suite of AI video editing tools. Captions allows you to create content in the palm of your hand with AI and their user-friendly app.

5. FlexClip

FlexClip Logo Full

FlexClip is a fast AI-powered subtitle generator designed to be used 100% online.

Flexclip applies machine learning algorithms for precise audio recognition, making sure subtitles are accurate and timed perfectly.

FlexClip also features subtitle editing tools that enable you to customize font, alignment, and style. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to upload media, generate, and edit video captions, and finally export the video for sharing.

FlexClip serves as a complete video maker and editor, suitable for both personal and business needs. Its capabilities extend beyond subtitling making it a one-stop shop for all your video editing needs.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Caption Generation: FlexClip uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate subtitles for your video.
  • Broad Language Support: The tool supports over 140 languages, covering a vast majority of the globe.
  • Subtitle Editing: Users have full control over their subtitles with options to split or merge, change font, alignment, and style.
  • Online Video Editor: FlexClip offers a range of video editing features such as adding text or other video editing elements.


FlexClip pricing blocks with Free, Plus, and Business

Flexclip has 3 pricing plans available:

  • Free: Free plan offers 12 720p downloads per month with limitations
  • Plus: Most popular plan at $9.99/month billed annually offers the full range of features
  • Business: $19.99/month billed annually for business needs with unlimited limits on most features


  • Speed: AI-powered caption generator allows you to create content faster and easier.
  • Accessibility: FlexClip's 100% online tool allows for hassle-free access without needing to install any software.
  • Features: FlexClip offers useful features like image background removal and stock assets


FlexClip Captioning is limited to 60 minutes per month on the Plus plan, which might not be enough for some users who are making a lot of content.

FlexClip logo block

#5. FlexClip

Fast, online AI subtitle generator offering precise audio recognition, extensive language support, and complete customization, enhancing both personal and business content.

6. Kapwing

Kapwing is a cloud-based video editing tool designed to simplify the creative process for content creators by turning your speech into text instantly.

Kapwing features AI subtitle generation, customizable text styles, and a comprehensive video editor making it easy for you to add engaging captions to your content.

It provides a user-friendly interface to add animated captions, improving the accessibility and engagement of your videos.

Kapwing is an adaptable tool great for anyone looking to make their content stand out to viewers and increase subs and view durations.

Key Features

  • Automatic Subtitle Generation: Kapwing uses AI to auto-generate and animate subtitles for your video content.
  • Customizable Text Styles: This feature offers a wide range of trending social media text styles that can be customized to what you want.
  • Comprehensive Video Editor: Edit your videos with Kapwing's full-fledged video editor that supports a variety of formats and styles.


Kapwing Pricing blocks with free, pro, and enterprise

Kapwing offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Free: Unlimited watermarked exports
  • Pro: $16/month billed annually 4k video up to 2 hours
  • Enterprise: Contact Kapwing for more information on the enterprise plan


  • Increased View Rate: The automatic subtitle feature improves the audience retention of your videos
  • Ease of Use: Kapwing's user-friendly interface and automated features simplify the video editing process, allowing you to focus on the creative side.
  • Brand Consistency: With customizable text styles, maintain your brand's aesthetic across different video content.


The free version of Kapwing is limited to 720p on your video content.

Kapwing logo block

#6. Kapwing

A cloud-based tool providing AI subtitle generation, custom text styles, and a comprehensive video editor, making content creation accessible and efficient for creators.


Who Should Use an AI Caption Generator?

AI subtitles and caption generators are perfect for anyone making Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, or any other short-form content. Anyone looking to optimize their content creation process can benefit from AI-powered caption generators as they help to streamline to post-processing of video content.

Why Should I Use an AI Caption Generator?

It's been proven that using subtitles and captions in your content boosts engagement. Oftentimes people watch short-form content with their device on silent - without subtitles, your content gets skipped over and you lose a massive audience. Also, punchy captions better engage viewers with short attention spans and have become fundamental in any good short-form content. If you're looking to engage a winder audience you can also try AI dubbing software to find new viewers.

How Much Does an AI Caption Generator Cost?

The good news is that AI caption tools are affordable for almost everyone, especially when you take into account the amount of time they can save the creator in the content assembly process. There are a number of free tools that are enough to get you started and from here subscriptions start from $9.99 a month.

What Are the Best Fonts to Use for Captions and Subtitles?

When it comes time to select the font for your content the range of choices can be overwhelming. Some of the most popular fonts to use for video captions are Montserrat (Hormozi style), Burbank, Roboto, and Futura. Start with these and see how they go with your audience.

Do AI Video Captions Actually Boost Engagement?

YES! You should know from your own experience how engaging good captions can be! There have been various studies that show videos with high-quality fast-moving captions boost engagement and interaction from your viewers. Captions also improve SEO through transcripts, which is an added bonus if you're looking to appease the algorithms.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I took a look at the best AI caption generators for video in 2023.

I compared a range of the most popular AI tools available for adding captions to your video content automatically with the power of AI.

As it turns out, Submagic gets my vote as the best AI caption generator for video, with VEED coming in a close second and Animaker in third. An honorable mention to Captions - which is the best mobile app for adding captions and editing video that I've come across!

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I hope you found the best caption app for your needs and that you go viral super soon! 🎬 Catch-ya.

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