The 9 Best AI Fitness Apps in 2024: AI and Machine Learning

Gone are the days of paying for expensive workout plans or spending hundreds of dollars on personal trainers.

With the latest advancements in AI tech, AI-generated gym workouts and exercise plans rival that of the best human personal trainers.

In this guide, I’ve found the absolute best of the best when it comes to AI fitness apps so making a choice is easy.

EvolveAI Logo block

#1 EvolveAI 🥇

EvolveAI is an AI-driven personal trainer and nutritionist, featuring tailored workouts, dietary guidance, daily check-ins, and unique features like voice-to-text logging.

Fitbod logo block

#2 Fitbod 🥈

Fitbod delivers AI-powered personalized training and workout plans, tailored to individual goals and fitness levels. Tracks progress exercises based on muscle fatigue.

FitnessAI logo block

#3 FitnessAI 🥉

FitnessAI leverages AI and machine learning for personalized workout plans tailored to individual goals, fitness levels, and histories, packaged into a sleek iOS app.

Freeletics Logo block

#4 Freeletics

Freeletics offers AI-driven personalized fitness coaching, versatile workouts, and comprehensive nutrition guidance suitable for everyone.

#5 Aaptiv

Aaptiv offers personalized workout plans, an easy-to-use interface, and a vast content library. Experience quality training, data-driven health insights, and a focus on overall health.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) workout apps can be a great tool for tracking progress, optimizing your training, maintaining motivation, and offering nutritional guidance.

There are a bunch of benefits to using an AI fitness app and when the right app is found, it should absolutely empower you to take control of your health and fitness journey.

Things worth considering when selecting a fitness app that uses AI and machine learning:

  • What are your specific personal goals and does this app help with them?
  • What are the main features of this app?
  • How easy is the app to use? Is it user-friendly?
  • Is the app within my budget? Is it reasonably priced?
  • What do the reviews and feedback say? Does the app have an active community?
  • Does the app integrate with AI wearable devices?

All these questions are covered below as the 9 best AI workout apps in 2024 are reviewed.

What is the Best AI Fitness App in 2024?

Here are the 9+ best AI fitness apps in 2024 ordered from best to worst:

  • 1. EvolveAI
  • 2. Fitbod
  • 3. FitnessAI
  • 4. Freeletics
  • 5. Aaptiv
  • 6. Hyperficient
  • 7. Zing
  • 8. Infigro
  • 9.
  • 10. VI-Coach

1. EvolveAI

EvolveAI logo

EvolveAI combines artificial intelligence, industry-leading coaches, world-class athletes, and cutting-edge research to make a standalone digital personal trainer and nutritionist.

EvolveAI doesn't just use machine learning to build better workouts, it also ensures you're eating right with recommendations based on your goals, dietary preferences, and health status.

Consistency is a massive part of any successful fitness plan and with EvolveAI's daily workouts and check-ins, your chances of hitting your goals are much better.

Showing the EvolveAI mobile GUI with activity tracking and key metrics.

The training algorithm ensures you're doing the right exercises and features videos and coaching cues to help with proper form and technique.

EvolveAI also offers some unique features like voice-to-text logging which is super handy, the ability to change the intensity and difficulty of workouts, and an inbuilt stress index feature.

With all these features combined into one package, EvolveAI is the best AI fitness app I've seen on the market in a while.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Personalization: EvolveAI combines artificial intelligence, professional coaches, world-class athletes, and the latest research to build custom workouts and nutrition plans tailored to your goals.
  • Daily Workout and Check-ins: EvolveAI provides daily workout schedules and check-ins to help maintain motivation and enhance progress tracking.
  • Unique User Interface: EvolveAI integrates features such as voice-to-text logging, adjustable workout intensity, and an inbuilt stress index feature, making it a user-friendly and customizable fitness experience.


EvolveAI pricing block showing monthly, 6 monthly, and annual plans for $14.99, $77.99, and $131.99 respectively.

EvolveAI offers a 14-day free trial, and 3 pricing tiers:

  • Monthly plan: billed monthly at $14.99
  • 6 monthly plan: billed half-yearly at $77.99
  • Yearly plan: billed annually at $131.99


  • Personalized Fitness Plan: EvolveAI's use of AI allows for a fully personalized fitness plan that caters to your specific goals.
  • Guidance and Support: The integration of coaching cues, instructional videos, and check-ins provides continuous guidance and support.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: With unique features such as voice-to-text logging and adjustable workout difficulty, EvolveAI provides a convenient and flexible tool for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.


  • EvolveAI requires a gym membership or home gym as it uses weights.
EvolveAI Logo Block

#1 EvolveAI 🥇

✅ AI-Powered Fitness and Nutrition
✅ Daily Custom Workouts and Check-ins
✅ Unique Voice-to-text Logging
✅ Stress Index Feature to Monitor Overall Fatigue

2. Fitbod

Fitbod Logo

Fitbod sets the standard for AI-powered fitness apps and has all the features needed to rival even the best human personal trainer.

Fitbod delivers personalized training programs and workout plans by leveraging AI and machine learning to create a profile based on your goals, fitness levels, and available exercise equipment.

As you build your user profile on Fitbod, the app is better able to recommend exercises based on your capability and muscle fatigue from previous workouts.

Fitbod mobile GUI showing various workout movements

If you're new to training Fitbod can help you to use the correct form and prevent injury by offering high-quality video exercise instructions.

Fitbod ensures you progress as fast as possible by actively tracking your progress and suggesting the optimal weights and rep ranges, as well as suggesting workouts based on your muscle fatigue levels from previous sessions. This is all made possible by Fitbod's built-in machine learning algorithm.

Fitbod is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava, and other AI wearables and Fitbod has a massive library of informative blog posts regarding health and fitness, They even have their own Podcast!

Fitbod mobile GUI showing a range of target muscles and respective exercises.

Fitbod offers a free trial too so you can try it before you buy!

Fitbod ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for a high-quality AI-powered fitness app and has earned Fitbod second place as the best AI fitness app.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Training Programs: Fitbod leverages AI and machine learning to deliver customized training programs and workout plans based on individual goals, fitness levels, and available exercise equipment.
  • Progress Tracking: Fitbod actively tracks your progress, suggesting the optimal weights and rep ranges. It also recommends workouts based on your muscle fatigue levels from previous sessions.
  • Wearable Compatibility: Fitbod integrates with Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava, and other wearables to provide a comprehensive approach to health and fitness tracking.
  • Extensive Exercise Library: Fitbod features an extensive library of exercises and high-quality video instructions, providing users with a vast range of options and guidance for maintaining the correct form and preventing injury.


Fitbod Pricing Plans

Fitbod offers a short free trial, and 2 pricing plans:

  • Yearly plan: billed yearly at $79.99
  • Monthly Plan: billed monthly at $12.99


  • Personalized Experience: Fitbod offers a personalized fitness experience by suggesting workouts and exercises based on individual capabilities and previous workout data.
  • Injury Prevention: For those new to training, Fitbod provides high-quality video exercise instructions to ensure the correct form and prevent injury.
  • Unique Insights: Fitbod gives you unique insights into your muscle fatigue levels and helps maintain motivation.


  • The AI can take a week or two to train before you see the best results
Fitbod logo block

#2 Fitbod 🥈

Fitbod offers personalized workout plans, advanced progress tracking, integration with wearables, and an extensive exercise library for a robust AI-powered fitness experience!

3. FitnessAI

FitnessAI Logo

FitnessAI helps you optimize your fitness routine by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized workout plans based on your goals, current fitness level, and workout history.

FitnessAI provides guidance on what exercises to do, how much weight to lift, and how many sets and reps to do, allowing you to benefit from structured progressive overload (the thing that builds muscle).

FitnessAI GUI

FitnessAI boasts a number of unique features that mark it as one of the best AI fitness apps available since its release in 2019.

3D Animations are used to show the user how to correctly do the exercise, as well as which muscles are being worked, very handy for beginners.

The user interface is simple to interact with making logging workouts a pleasant experience - something not all fitness apps can offer.

Fitness AI GUI showing graphics of muscles hit with a bicep curl

FitnessAI's machine learning algorithm continuously optimizes your workout plans and generates the most effective exercises, sets, reps, and weights for each individual. This makes Fitness AI a top contender as one of the best AI fitness apps available, landing it in third place on my list.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Workouts: FitnessAI leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create workout plans that are tailor-made to an individual's current fitness level, workout history, and personal goals.
  • Interactive GUI: The app's user interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making the process of logging workouts an enjoyable and effortless experience.
  • 3D Animation Guides: FitnessAI uses 3D animations to demonstrate correct exercise techniques and highlights the muscles being worked, a super beneficial feature for beginners.


FitnessAI pricing plan
  • FitnessAI offers a 7-day free trial followed by a yearly plan billed yearly at $89.99.


  • Structured Progression: FitnessAI helps ensure consistent progress in fitness training through structured progressive overload, which is key to muscle development.
  • Personalized Guidance: By tailoring exercises, weight loads, and rep and set numbers to an individual, the app delivers a unique workout plan to meet specific fitness goals and maximize results.
  • User Experience: The app's simple, intuitive interface enhances the user experience, making it easy to log workouts, track progress, and stay motivated.


  • Only available on iOS

  • No monthly billing option
FitnessAI logo block

#3 FitnessAI 🥉

FitnessAI offers AI-powered personalized workout plans, a user-friendly interface, and 3D exercise guides. Maximizes results while ensuring an enjoyable fitness journey.

4. Freeletics

Freeletics Logo

Freeletics is a popular fitness app with over 54 million users that offers personalized workouts and nutrition plans helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Workouts can be customized based on individual fitness levels, equipment availability, and time constraints, making it a highly versatile AI fitness app.

Freeletics allows the user to work with their very own digital coach ensuring targeted and tailored workouts are created from 350+ exercises available.

Freeletics GUI showing a meal plan with a Peanut Butter Chocolate Bowl.

The AI coach works in conjunction with a team of sports scientists to ensure the quality of each workout. Workouts allow for no equipment workouts, gym workouts, or cardio and stretching activities like sprints and Yoga. Freelitics also has inbuilt statistics overviews to help track training achievements.

Freeletics offers a training and nutrition bundle that features recipes, tailored meal plans, and access to nutritional coaches. If this wasn't enough you also gain access to 100+ audio sessions outlining mindset, health, nutrition, and general training.

Freeletics is packed with features that have maintained it as the most popular AI workout app in Europe.

Key Features

  • Personalization: Freeletics provides personalized workout and nutrition plans, allowing users to tailor their fitness regimen according to their individual needs and constraints.
  • AI Coaching: Freeletics is equipped with a digital AI coach that creates targeted workouts from over 350+ exercises.
  • Training and Nutrition Bundle: Freeletics offers an extensive bundle that not only includes workout plans but also incorporates nutrition. This bundle includes recipes, personalized meal plans, access to nutrition coaches, and 100+ audio sessions discussing various aspects of health, nutrition, mindset, and training.


Freeletics pricing plan

Freeletics offers 3, 6, and 12-month billing period options:

  • Training coach: package billed yearly at $149.76
  • Training and Nutrition bundle: billed yearly at $195


  • Versatility: Thanks to its capability to adjust based on personal fitness levels, equipment availability, and time constraints, Freeletics caters to a broad range of users.
  • Precision: The AI-driven coaching system of Freeletics ensures that workouts are not only targeted but also optimized for the individual's unique needs.
  • Holistic Approach: With the inclusion of nutrition and mindset coaching in its bundle, Freeletics offers a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.


  • Workouts are too intense for some users

Freeletics logo block

#4 Freeletics

Freeletics offers AI-driven personalized fitness coaching, versatile workouts, and comprehensive nutrition guidance. Its tailored approach sets Freeletics apart from other AI fitness apps.

5. Aaptiv

Aaptiv Logo

Apptiv offers highly personalized fitness plans that adapt to your lifestyle using AI and machine learning.

Powered by the PEAR training intelligence platform, Aaptiv provides a more personalized and data-driven approach to health and fitness.

Apptiv allows you to share your current fitness skills and your future dreams to generate personalized workout plans that adapt and provide insights as you progress.

Aaptiv GUI and infographic showing the home screen.

To get going just enter your goals, select a workout, and put your headphones on! Aaptiv is one of the easier-to-use AI fitness apps on the market right now.

7000+ guided workouts, an inbuilt music library, and a supportive and inspiring community group make Aaptiv a great choice for an AI workout app in 2024.

Key Features

  • Personalized Fitness Plans: Aaptiv offers highly personalized fitness plans that adapt to a user's lifestyle, leveraging AI and machine learning to accommodate each individual's fitness levels and goals.
  • Extensive Content Library: Aaptiv boasts a library of over 7000 guided workouts, an inbuilt music library, and a supportive community group.


  • Aaptiv offers a wide range of plans for both individuals and employers looking to treat their workforce.


  • Accessible Training: Aaptiv makes personalized fitness instruction available to everyone.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Aaptiv's use of the PEAR Training Intelligence platform allows a more personalized and data-driven approach to health and fitness.
  • Health Insights: Aaptiv's aim to inspire better health through preventative measures helps users avoid preventable conditions.


  • Lacks some of the AI functionality seen elsewhere
Aaptiv logo block

#5 Aaptiv

Aaptiv offers personalized workout plans, an easy-to-use interface, and a vast content library. Experience quality training, data-driven health insights, and a focus on preventative health.

6. Hyperficient

Hyperficient logo

Hyperficient is a unique AI-powered web app that will help maximize your fitness potential with a fusion of AI and human personal trainer expertise.

The machine learning algorithms are trained on up-to-date scientific research to develop personalized training programs, ensuring you hit your fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

Hyperficient crafts a workout routine tailored to various factors like your available time, ability level, and target muscles making sure you don't get sick and tired of the same old routines.

Hyperficient user interface showing workout tips such as suggesting warm up sets. Below that it shows the workout program for that day.

What sets Hyperficient apart from other apps is the clear focus on efficiency. The idea is to forget aimless reps and focus on movements that will move the needle in your fitness journey.

The platform optimizes exercise selection and order, focusing on factors like resistance profile, loadability, and stability, all while following the principles of biomechanics.

Hyperficient also offers a treasure trove of science-backed training insights, helping you to understand exercise effectiveness. You'll also get lifestyle optimization tips covering nutrition, cardio, sleep, and supplements, which is incredible handy for new trainers. And on the technique side, form tips and instructional videos help you perfect your execution.

With an impressive 85% of users reporting improved exercise execution after just one session, and a jam packed 200+ exercise library, Hyperficient gets my vote as the Best web interfaced AI fitness app on the market right now. Eagerly awaiting the mobile app!

Key Features

  • Personalization: Hyperficient uses AI to develop training programs tailored to your individual fitness goals, training days, and ability level.
  • Time-Efficiency: Programs are optimized to make every minute in the gym count, removing unnecessary volume from your workout.
  • Science-Backed: The platform relies on the latest scientific research to offer you a routine that targets muscle growth and optimizes exercise selection.
  • Exercise Variety: With a library of over 200 exercises, you're never stuck doing the same monotonous workouts.


  • Pricing: A Hyperficient subscription costs $14.99 per month, and you can get started with a 7-day free trial to test the full range of features!


  • Insights: Gain an understanding of the science behind each exercise, helping you learn why certain movements are more effective for specific muscle groups.
  • Lifestyle Tips: Access a knowledge bank filled with science-backed advice on nutrition, cardio, sleep, and supplements for holistic fitness.
  • Form Guidance: Receive tips and video tutorials to perfect your exercise form, ensuring each rep is effective and safe.
  • Continuous Updates: Hyperficient is regularly updated to incorporate the latest scientific findings, ensuring your routine remains cutting-edge.
  • Adaptable: If you're not fond of a certain exercise, you can easily swap it out; the AI will then seamlessly fine-tune your program.


  • No Mobile: The obvious drawback with Hyperficient is the lack of a mobile app, but not to worry as mobile support is coming soon!
Hyperficient logo block

#6 Hyperficient

✅ AI Fitness and Nutrition in a Sleek Web App
✅ High Level Personalization Powered by AI
✅ Massive Library of Over 200+ Exercises
✅ 7 Day Free Trial

7. Zing

Zing logo

Zing is an interactive AI mobile app that makes it possible for everyone to benefit from customized workout programs.

Achieving real results is possible with Zing's individualized coaching and immediate feedback.

Zing mobile GUI showing Zing homescreen

Zing-coach combines human experience with machine learning to give you the best of both worlds in an AI bodybuilding app.

The Zing app offers hyper-personalization with things like conversation style, tips and recommendations, daily motivation tasks, energy scores, and more.

Key Features

  • Zing's knowledge bank informed by the latest science-backed research
  • Zing leverages computer vision AI which monitors 22 key points on your body ensuring perfect form
  • Deep learning makes predictions based on your data


Zing offers a free plan with in-app purchases.


  • High-quality feedback powered by expert knowledge and machine learning algorithms
  • Unique computer vision feature great for new trainers looking to improve their form


  • Only available for iOS

8. Infigro

Infigro Logo

Infigro offers personal training and interactive workouts with real-time feedback. Infigro is a simple interface allowing a nice intro to AI workout apps.

Infigro also features guided meditations and hundreds of pre-built workouts from expert trainers in different categories from around the world.

Infigro computer vision interface showing a man stretching

9. logo aims to make AI training apps fun and includes a range of unique features including a wellness hub for mental health and better sleep, goal-based workouts, and meditations. is a full suite of fitness tools including group classes, at home workouts, and gym workouts. even has a range of lab tests allowing you to monitor you health from the comfort of your own home.

Cultfit homescreen interface showing options including full body checkup, vitamin profile, and fitness essentials.

10. VI-Coach

VI-coach logo

Vi-coach aims to keep users engaged in their workouts longer by using real-time AI-powered customized training.

With over 60 million users on the platform, Vi remains obsessed with leveraging powerful tech to help people around the world stay healthy and active.

Vi-coach inforgraphic

Summary of the Best AI Fitness Apps

AI fitness apps have revolutionized personal training and when it comes to the best AI workout apps, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Here is how the top apps stack up:

EvolveAI: EvolveAI is a relatively new product packed with features leveraging AI and machine learning including personalized workouts and nutrition plans.

Hyperficient: Hyperficient is my favorite AI-powered web app providing workouts, fitness plans, and guidance with a focus on hyper-efficient training.

Fitbod: Fitbod stands out for its personalized training programs that use machine learning to adapt workouts to your fitness level, goals, and available equipment.

FitnessAI: FitnessAI shines with its machine learning-powered custom workouts and user-friendly interface. The app's standout feature is its animated exercises that show targeted muscles, making it perfect for beginners.

Freeletics: Freeletics is notable for its versatility, offering no-equipment workouts, gym workouts, and cardio activities. The Freeletics AI coaching system ensures the quality of each workout. Freeletics also offers an option with nutritional guidance.

Aaptiv: Aptiv offers highly personalized fitness plans that adapt to your busy lifestyle by using deep learning algorithms and AI tools. With over 7000+ workouts AAptiv has something for everyone.

Each app has its unique strengths, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs, goals, and preferences. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, there is an AI workout app suited to you!

Who Should Use an AI Fitness App?

AI workout apps are an excellent choice for a wide range of people, including but not limited to:

  • Fitness beginners: Those just starting their fitness journey can benefit from the structured guidance and personalized workouts offered by AI workout apps.
  • Fitness enthusiasts: Advanced users can use these apps to mix up their routines, track their progress, and break through plateaus.
  • People with busy schedules: If you don't have time for a personal trainer or regular gym sessions, AI workout apps allow you to work out at your convenience, anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost-conscious users: AI workout apps are typically less expensive than hiring a personal trainer, making them an excellent option for those on a budget.
  • Remote or home-based users: For people who prefer to work out from home or those who travel frequently, these apps offer a portable and highly flexible solution.

How to Choose the Best AI Workout App?

When choosing the best AI workout app for you, consider the following factors:

  • Personal goals: What do you hope to achieve with your workouts? Different apps may cater to different goals, such as weight loss, strength training, cardio fitness, or general wellness.
  • Features: Look at the specific features offered by each app. This can include workout variety, personalization, interactivity, data tracking, and integration with other devices (like wearables).
  • Ease of use: The app should be user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Cost: Consider the price of the app and whether it offers good value for money. Some apps offer free versions with limited features, while others require a subscription.
  • Reviews: Check out reviews and ratings from other users to ensure the app lives up to the hype.

Wrapping Up

Today we dove in and took a closer look at the best AI fitness apps available.

EvolveAI came out on top due to its user-friendly AI integration and powerful fitness and nutrition features. As the new kid on the block, EvolveAI is a leading example of what an AI fitness app should be like.

If you're looking to get started with an AI-powered fitness app that can help you build better workouts AND plan your nutrition, EvolveAI is the one.

That's all from me today... catch-ya! 👋

EvolveAI Logo Block

#1 EvolveAI 🥇

✅ AI-Powered Fitness and Nutrition
✅ Daily Custom Workouts and Check-ins
✅ Unique Voice-to-text Logging
✅ Stress Index Feature to Monitor Overall Fatigue

AI Fitness App FAQs

1. What Is an AI Fitness App?

An AI fitness app utilizes artificial intelligence to personalize workout plans according to data provided by the user. This data usually consists of an individual's fitness level, goals, equipment availability, and any other preferences. AI Fitness apps adjust your workouts based on data they gather from your performance and feedback.

2. Can I Use an AI Fitness App if I'm a Beginner?

Of course! (in fact, it's encouraged). AI fitness apps are suitable for users at all fitness levels. They provide customized guidance and progress tracking that can be highly beneficial for beginners. In addition, they can aid in maintaining motivation which some beginners can struggle with.

3. Are AI fitness Apps Expensive?

The cost of AI fitness apps varies. Some offer free versions with optional premium features, while others require a subscription. However, they are generally cheaper than hiring a personal trainer. In most cases these apps 'pay for themselves' with the value they deliver in fitness, health, and general well-being.

4. How Do AI Fitness Apps Work?

AI fitness apps use machine learning algorithms to understand your fitness level, preferences, and goals. They then create personalized workout routines that evolve as your fitness improves.

5. Can an AI Fitness App Replace a Personal Trainer?

While AI fitness apps can provide customized workout plans and progress tracking, they can't replace the human aspects of a personal trainer. Personal trainers can provide real-time form corrections, motivation, and often unique perspectives gained from years of experience. At a minimum AI fitness can certainly reduce the time spent with personal trainers until the user is comfortable and confident.

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