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20 of the Best AI Newsletters to Read in 2024

AI newsletters are a brilliant tool to keep up to date with everything happening in AI.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 20 best AI newsletters to keep you informed in 2024.

The Rundown Logo

The Rundown

✅ Daily AI in 3 Minutes
✅ 450,000+ Readers

AI Breakfast logo

AI Breakfast

✅ Tri-weekly AI Roundup
✅ 100,000+ Readers

The Neuron Logo

The Neuron

✅ Daily AI Roundup
✅ 240,000+ Readers

The Intelligence age logo

The Intelligence Age

✅ AI for SME and Business
✅ 50,000+ Readers

AutoGPT Logo


✅ Daily AI Roundup
✅ 130,000+ Readers

Future Tools logo

Future Tools

✅ Weekly AI Tools + News
✅ 50,000+ Readers

Ai Weekly Logo

AI Weekly

✅ Weekly AI & ML News
✅ 72,000 Readers

Unwind AI logo

Unwind AI

✅ Daily Technical AI News
✅ 6,000+ Readers

Prompts Daily logo

Prompts Daily

✅ Daily AI News
✅ 100,000+ Readers

TLDR logo


✅ Daily ML & Data Science
✅ 500,000+ Readers

Not a bot logo

Not A Bot

✅ Daily AI Read by CEOs
✅ 50,000+ Readers

Big brain daily logo

Big Brain Daily

✅ Daily AI Careers News
✅ 12,000+ Readers

Data machina logo

Data Machina

✅ Daily AI/ML Research
✅ 15,000+ Readers

Artificial Ignorance logo

Artificial Ignorance

✅ Bi-Weekly AI News
✅ 2,000+ Readers

Practical AI logo

Practical AI

✅ AI in Business and Work
✅ 10,000+ Readers

Super Human logo


✅ Daily AI Productivity
✅ 400,000+ Readers

The AI valley logo

The AI Valley

✅ Daily AI and Tech
✅ 65,000+ Readers

Death to humans logo

Death To Humans

✅ Daily AI Brief in 3 Mins
✅ 9,000+ Readers

Ai Hustle logo

AI Hustle

✅ Daily AI News
✅ 8,000+ Readers

Ben's Bites logo

Ben’s Bites

✅ Daily 5 Minute AI News
✅ 120,000+ Readers

What Are the Best AI Newsletters?

Alongside reading the best AI books, joining an AI community via a newsletter is arguably one of the most efficient ways to stay informed with AI ethics, AI research, the latest AI trends, deep learning, and new AI products.

Stay up to date with the Best AI newsletters to read in 2024. 👇

1. The Rundown

The Rundown logo

Join 450,000+ readers and get the rundown of the latest AI news, tools, and step-by-step tutorials – all in just 3 minutes a day.

The Rundown is the best daily read for everything happening right now in the world of AI, ML, and data science.

2. AI Breakfast

AI breakfast logo

AI Breakfast provides well rounded analysis of the latest AI projects, products, and news delivered to your inbox Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

With over 100,000 readers, AI Breakfast is a must have for anyone looking to stay in the loop with everything happening in AI.

3. The Neuron

The Neuron Logo

Don’t fall behind on AI. Get the AI trends and tools you need to know in this daily newsletter from The Neuron.

Join 240,000+ professionals from top companies like Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce and more.

4. The Intelligence Age

The Intelligence Age logo

The Intelligence Age is the best AI Newsletter for Startup & SME Business Leaders.

Join 50,000 other readers from NASA, Stanford, and Goldman Sachs.

5. Mindstream

AutoGPT Logo

Mindstream is a daily analysis curated by some of the smartest minds in the space delivering the latest AI projects, products, and news.

Join 130,000+ readers and get the latest AI news, tools, and productivity tricks delivered straight to your inbox.

6. Future Tools

Future Tools logo

Future Tools is a weekly newsletter from Matt Wolfe covering everything that’s happened in AI.

Get informed with 5 Innovative AI Tools, 3 Exciting News Articles, 3 Inspiring Videos, and 1 New Way to Make Money With AI… Delivered weekly!

7. AI Weekly

AI weekly logo

AI Weekly by essentials is a weekly collection of AI News and resources on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Join 72,000+ readers and stay informed for free!

8. Unwind AI

Unwind AI logo

Unwind AI delivers daily AI technical news to over 6,000 readers.

Unwind AI is a great way to stay informed with machine learning and data topics happening right now in AI.

9. Prompts Daily

Prompts Daily logo

Become smarter on AI in just 3 minutes a day with Prompt Daily.

Don’t get left behind. This is AI news made easy. Stay informed for free!


TLDR logo

TLDR AI delivers everything in AI, ML, and Data Science in just 5 minutes per day.

Join the TLDR network to stay in the loop with everything in the tech and AI world.

11. Not A Bot

Not A Bot logo

Not A Bot is a free newsletter about AI, that’s not written by AI.

Not A Bot brings the latest AI news to your inbox daily. Join 50,000+ subscribers, including Mark Cuban, Fortune 50 CEO’s, and more.

12. Big Brain Daily

Big Brain Daily logo

Big Brain Daily is the largest AI careers newsletter in the world.

Get the latest trending AI news, jobs, and tools delivered in 3 minutes per day.

13. Data Machina

Data Machina logo

Subscribe to Data Machina and keep up with the latest AI / ML research, projects, & repos.

A weekly deep dive into what’s new in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

14. Artificial Ignorance

Artificial Ignorance logo

Artificial Ignorance is a nuanced, no-hype exploration of AI for founders and makers written by Stanford Alumni.

Get a bi-weekly dose of the best projects, reviews, and essays with Artificial Ignorance.

15. Practical AI

Practical AI logo

Practical AI is a weekly newsletter about Artificial Intelligence and its applications and implications on business and work.

Written by Thomas Sorheim, join 10,000 other informed readers with Practical AI.

16. Superhuman

Super Human logo

Learn how to leverage AI to boost your productivity and accelerate your career with Superhuman.

Join the world’s biggest AI newsletter with 400,000+ readers from companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and more.

17. The AI Valley

The AI Valley logo

Get smarter about AI and Tech in 3 minutes everyday with a touch of humor from The AI Valley.

Join 65,000+ people from Google, OpenAI, Notion, Apple for free!

18. Death To Humans

Death To Humans logo

Death to Humans is your daily AI briefing in 3 minutes or less.

Death to Humans delivers only most important topics happening in AI right now.

19. AI Hustle

AI Hustle logo

AI Hustle keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments in AI. Join over 8,000 subscribers for free.

Sign up to AI hustle to join a smaller community of AI enthusiasts.

20. Ben’s Bites

Ben's Bites logo

Ben’s Bites knows what’s trending in AI by tracking the web, so you don’t have to.

Top product launches, research and news from the past 24 hours in a 5-min daily digest. Join 120,000+ curious readers, for free.

Who Should Read an AI Newsletter?

AI newsletters are suitable for anyone looking to get started or just keep up to date with AI including:

  • Tech Heads: AI newsletters keep you up to date with the latest technical advancements without taking up hours of your time.
  • Entrepreneurs: Be the first to know and gain cutting-edge AI insights to boost your business with new AI and machine learning tools.
  • Academics: Stay updated on the newest research papers and developments.
  • Curious Minds: Understand AI fundamentals without the technical complexity.
  • AI Experts: Deepen your knowledge and stay up to date.

AI newsletters are invaluable resources providing:

  • Comprehensive AI knowledge
  • Business, AI jobs, and research insights
  • Non-technical summaries
  • Ethical perspectives
  • Tools and techniques

My Personal Favorite

After subscribing to most of the newsletters you’ve seen here on the list, I can say my personal favorite is definitely the Rundown (and no they’re not sponsoring me to say this).

The Rundown is easy to read, super insightful, and visually appealing. It would honestly be enough to keep most people in the loop with AI.

Overall, Rowan does an incredible job with The Rundown. If you only subscribe to one of the newsletters mentioned here, make it that one.

Wrapping Up

Bottom line: the AI world is huge and always changing. Machine learning, data science, deep learning – it’s a lot to keep up with!

That’s where AI newsletters come in. They’re like your own personal tour guide to the crazy AI landscape.

Every delivery rounds up the latest happenings into one nice package. New research, cool new tools, business insights – they’ve got you covered.

It’s perfect if you just want to dip your toes in and get AI curious. Or if you’re ready to cannonball into the deep end, they’ve got all the nerdy details too.

Either way, another jam-packed newsletter hits your inbox to satisfy your AI cravings. They’ll keep you in-the-know on everything AI so you never fall behind the curve.

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