9 Best AI Resume Builders: Simplify Your Job Search With AI

Searching for a job can be challenging enough without having to worry about writing the perfect resume for every application.

Luckily for us, AI resume builders take the hassle out of this by crafting customized and highly polished resumes in minutes.

In this article, I’ve identified the 9 best AI resume builders to help you fast-track the path to getting your dream job!

Rezi logo block

#1 Rezi 🥇

My best choice for an AI resume builder, Rezi creates fully customized resumes and cover letter optimized for specific positions. Cool bonus blockchain features.

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#2 Kickresume 🥈

Kickresume creates professional resumes with ease. Stand out from your competitors and impress with these highly personalized resumes.

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#3 ResumA.I. 🥉

ResumAI analyzes your skills to generate polished and targeted resumes. The AI software saves time and increase your application success.

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#4 Resume Worded

An AI-powered resume builder offering multiple resume templates and designs, using AI to prioritize relevant information.

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#5 Teal

AI-powered resume builder with tools like application auto-fill and LinkedIn optimizer, providing tailored, industry-specific resumes.

What Is The Best AI Resume Builder?

There are a few AI-powered resume builders on the market today. I compared 9 of the most popular choices to help you find the best one for your needs. Here’s the 9 best AI resume builders in 2023:

  • 1. Rezi
  • 2. Kickresume
  • 3. ResumA.I.
  • 4. Resume Worded
  • 5. Teal
  • 6. Resumaker
  • 7. Leet
  • 8. Resume Trick
  • 9. WonsultingAI

1. Rezi

Rezi logo

Rezi leverages artificial intelligence to optimize your existing resume or build you a completely new one from scratch.

The magic of Rezi is that it allows you to generate a new customized resume tailored to every single job you apply for.

Rezi resume example for software engineer

To get going with Rezi, all you have to do is connect your LinkedIn account and Rezi handles the rest, and don’t worry if you don’t have a LinkedIn account – Rezi makes it easy to enter your job title, qualifications, and other details.

From there, Rezi identifies your core competencies and selects the most relevant skills and experiences to highlight based on the role you’re applying for.

No matter what stage your career is at, Rezi will generate a professional resume designed to get you pass recruitment screening systems, and impress human reviewers.

Rezi features Blockchain Verified Resumes, which is an neat feature that might just give you an edge over your competitors.

Using a digital ledger, key details from your resume are encrypted and stored, making them verifiable by any potential employer. The process instills trust between you and the employer, and it’s just a neat way to catch their attention too – it indicates you’re professional, serious, and up to speed with the latest technologies.

I especially like how Rezi optimizes your resume based on specific job descriptions ensuring your resume is crafted precisely for each opportunity. This allows you to get the maximum interest for the minimum amount of time and effort!

For job seekers who dread creating new resumes for every application, Rezi’s AI-powered resume approach is an actual game changer.

Given the ease of use, the high-quality resumes, and the ability to easily produce a new resume for each position, Rezi gets my vote for the best AI resume builder on the market in 2023.

Key Features

  • AI Resume Generator: Rezi uses artificial intelligence to create optimized resumes tailored to each job.
  • ATS Scanning: The AI designs resumes to pass applicant tracking systems and get you noticed and shortlisted in less time.
  • Cover Letter Writer: Rezi can generate targeted customized cover letters in a matter of minutes.
  • AI Keyword Targeting: Optimize resumes with specific keyword targeting based on the job outline.


Rezi pricing blocks showing free, pro, and lifetime plans

Rezi offers 3 subscription plans for you to choose from:

  • Free: Get a feel for how it works, no payment is required
  • Pro Plan: $29 per Month Access to all features + 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime: Access to all features for life, one-time payment of $129


  • Time Savings: Rezi significantly reduces the time it will take you to craft your resume.

  • Optimized Content: Rezi’s machine learning models pick the most relevant skills and experiences for each job.

  • More Interviews: Tailored resumes increase shortlisting by up to 71% over traditional resumes.


  • Rezi offers limited payment options compared to some other tools

Rezi logo block

#1 Rezi 🥇

✅ Automatically generates Resumes and Cover Letters

✅ Custom designs for each role designed to pass AI screening

✅ Perfect for all stages of your career

✅ Monthly or Yearly subscription plans available

2. Kickresume

kickresume logo

Kickresume leverages the latest AI and natural language processing tech to make creating the perfect resume a breeze.

Simply pick a resume template that suits your industry, plug in your details like work history, education, and skills and the AI will generate and optimize your resume on the spot!

kickresume resume template example

Kickresume’s AI analyzes your background, identifies relevant keywords, and customizes your resume content to highlight your most marketable qualifications.

Kickresume offers smart suggestions as you’re building allowing you to tweak until it’s just right. You can also generate multiple resume versions optimized for different applications or a particular job title.

It even offers an AI-powered website builder for those of you who want to go above and beyond with your application.

Kickresume will save time, avoid formatting frustrations, and maximize your chances of getting to the interview stage. Kickresume has earned itself second place as the best AI resume builder in 2023.

Key Features

  • AI CV Builder: Kickresume’s AI tailors your resume’s content and formatting to highlight your best qualifications.

  • Template Variety: Choose from a range of visually impressive resume templates based on your particular industry.

  • Website Builder: Generate your very own website to show employers you’re the right candidate for their position.


Kickresume pricing blocks with yearly, quarterly, and monthly plans for 5, 13, and 19 month respectively. Also has a basic free plan.

Kickresume offers a free plan and 3 pricing plans based on payment frequency:

  • Free: Free plan with basic functionality
  • Monthly: Monthly plan with full functionality, $19 per month
  • Quarterly: Quarterly plan with full functionality, $13 per month
  • Yearly: Yearly plan with full functionality + bonus goodies, $5 per month


  • Looks Professional: Well-designed targeted templates make your resumes stand out while looking polished too.

  • Saves You Time: The AI helps design and optimize your resume saving you brainpower in doing it yourself.

  • Boosts Shortlisting: Tailored content helps your resume pass applicant screening systems.


  • Some of the templates are a bit bland, which isn’t ideal for some industries
kickresume logo block

#2 Kickresume 🥈

✅ AI-powered Resumes and Cover Letters

✅ Targeting designs for individual positions

✅ Helps to pass AI screening software

✅ Highly-flexible subscription plans

3. ResumA.I.

resumA.I. logo

Aside from being a clever play on lettering, ResumAI is a premiere AI resume builder that takes the pain out of building your next professional resume.

ResumAI allows you to upload your pre written resume or start from scratch and will then analyze your skills and experience to generate an optimized and targeted resume for a specific job title.

resumA.I. GUI showing dot points being generated for a software engineer position

ResumAI’s machine learning algorithms match your background and skills to keywords in the job posting, ensuring your resume gets through applicant screening processes.

The end result is a polished, professional resume that highlights your most relevant qualifications. No more guesswork or time wasted reformatting your resume for every position.

ResumAI does the hard work for you and features all the functionality needed to maximize your potential and minimize the time spent staring at a half-built resume, which gets it my vote as the third-best AI resume builder I’ve come across.

Key Features

  • Keyword Optimization: ResumAI’s AI analyzes job descriptions and tailors resumes and CVs to include the best keywords for automated resume screeners.
  • Existing Resume Input: You can upload your current resume for resumai to optimize.
  • Multiple Resume Versions: Resumai creates customized resumes tailored for each job application.


resumai price blocks with free and pro plans

ResumAI offers 2 plans

  • Free: Free plan offers basic functionality
  • Pro Plan: The pro plan has unlimited functionality at $29 per month


  • Improved Results: Keyword-optimized resumes help applicants pass automated screening.

  • Time Savings: Resumai automates resume customization for each job.

  • Relevance: Resumes are adapted to highlight qualifications that match job descriptions.


The free plan is limited

resumai logo block

#3 ResumA.I. 🥉

✅ Automated Resumes and Cover Letters

✅ Multiple AI-generated options for each position

✅ Can analyze your existing resume to save time

✅ Users often see improved results with ResumAI

4. Resume Worded

resumeworded logo

If you’re looking to spruce up your resume but don’t want to spend hours formatting and wordsmithing, check out Resume Worded.

Resume Worded is an AI resume builder designed to help job seekers create professional resumes using AI and natural language processing algorithms.

resumeworded GUI

Resume Worded makes it easy by letting you choose from a wide variety of templates and designs to fit your industry and experience level.

Simply plug in your details and the AI will optimize your resume by prioritizing the most relevant info. The AI will even suggest customizations based on your career history and the position you’re applying for.

You can customize colors, fonts, and layouts. And you can generate multiple resume versions optimized for different jobs.

If you want an effortless way to create resumes that get you noticed, Resume Worded is worth checking out.

Key Features

  • AI Optimization: Resume Worded’s AI tailors resume content and formatting to highlight your most relevant skills and experience.
  • Template Options: Choose from a variety of resume templates and customize colors, fonts, and layouts.

  • Reviews: Get expert feedback on your resume or LinkedIn profile.


resumeworded pricing blocks with monthly quarterly and yearly

Resume Worded offers 3 pricing plans based on payment frequencies.

  • Monthly: Monthly plan at $49 per month
  • Quarterly: Quarterly plan at $33 per month
  • Yearly: Yearly plan at $19 per month


  • Saves You Time: The AI does the busywork of content formatting and optimization.

  • Looks Professional: Well-designed templates create polished, visually appealing resumes.

  • Improves Candidacy: Tailored content helps your resume make it past ATS screening.


A little bit less intuitive to use the resume builder compared to other options.

Resume Worded logo block

#4 Resume Worded

An AI-powered resume builder offering multiple resume templates and designs, using AI to prioritize relevant information and suggest customizations based on your career history and job position.

5. Teal

teal logo

Teal boats a range of AI and machine learning-powered tools that will give you best chance possible when presenting yourself to your next potential employer.

Teal works by providing a range of professionally designed resume templates that are suited to your specific industry and experience level. Just enter your work history, qualifications, and other relevant info, and Teal’s AI will optimize and format it for you.

Teal work style GUI example

The AI analyzes job descriptions, identifies relevant keywords, and tailors your resume content to highlight qualifications that make you a strong match.

Teal also offers a range of additional features including application auto-fills, contact trackers, Linkedin optimizer, and a work styles tool that allows you to get feedback from your colleagues and helps balance your working character.

Teal’s AI resume builder tools provide a user-friendly way to create resumes that help land interviews and additional tools to help you advance your career.

Key Features

  • AI-Built Resumes: Teal’s AI resume builder tools provide customized targeted CVs based on your requirements.

  • Templates: Choose from a range of professional and customizable resume templates.

  • Find Your Style: Teal’s work styles tool helps you discover your career personality.


  • Boost Your Chances: Well-designed CVs from an AI resume builder give you the best chances of being shortlisted and landing that job.

  • Saves You Time: AI resume builders like Teal take the guesswork out of writing and designing your resume.


Less functionality than some other tools.

teal logo block

#5 Teal

A comprehensive AI resume builder with tools like application auto-fill and LinkedIn optimizer, providing tailored, industry-specific resumes and insight into your career personality.

6. Resumaker

resumaker logo

Resumaker is an AI resume builder that will allow users to take their resumes and CVs to the next level in a competitive job market.

Resumker features a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly build a tailored resume based on your unique skills and qualifications.

Resumaker offers AI-powered resume templates that make it simple to showcase your qualifications effectively. It also has tools to help you easily customize cover letters for each application.

Whether you need to create your first resume or update your current one, Resumaker has you covered with templates, examples, and helpful formatting tools to make you look your best on paper.

The Resumaker app makes crafting professional resumes and cover letters a breeze!

7. Leet

leet resumes logo

Leet is a free online AI resume builder that allows you to upload your resume and get an updated resume that has been optimized based on your requirements.

Leet Resumes leverage AI technologies combined with experts with decades of experience to go over your resume and make adjustments accordingly.

The Leet website has a massive database of pre-written resumes you can view for free which is a great tool for getting you started on a resume, or improving an old one.

Overall, Leet is a great free tool for users looking to get their resumes optimized by an expert human team that works alongside AI for the best results!

8. Resume Trick

Resume Trick offers an AI-powered resume builder designed to aid job seekers in crafting the perfect resume and cover letter.

Resume Trick is 100% free and its user-friendly interface also allows for real-time customization and AI-generated writing suggestions when you create a resume.

Choose from over 15 professional templates, tailored for various roles, to present your qualifications in the best light.

Once you’re satisfied, download your resume in PDF format and share it instantly with potential employers!

Resume Trick’s fast, easy-to-use features ensure you never overlook key elements from the job description, making your application stand out.

9. WonsultingAI

WonsultingAI offers a seamless way to create a resume with its innovative resume builder and CoverLetterAI.

Designed for efficiency, WonsultingAI’s platform lets you create a resume in real time, while AI-generated guidance helps tailor your content to match any job description.

Already have a resume? Great, upload it to ResumAI, and let the AI do the rest. With just a few clicks, review your target role and company, then watch as the AI crafts a professionally worded cover letter, ready for recruiters.

Simple, easy to use, and remarkably quick, WonsultingAI transforms the daunting task of resume and cover letter creation into an easy job.


Who should use an AI resume builder?

Anyone seeking to simplify and streamline the job application process can benefit from using an AI resume builder. From fresh graduates to experienced professionals, these tools are designed to make creating optimized, job-specific resumes quick and hassle-free. They are especially beneficial for individuals applying to multiple jobs as they leverage AI technology to generate tailored resumes within minutes.

Are AI resumes good?

Yes, AI resumes are highly effective. An AI-powered resume builder analyzes the user’s information and the job description to create customized resumes that are more likely to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The AI ensures that all necessary skills and experiences are highlighted, resulting in a polished, professional resume.

Can AI write my cover letter for me?

Absolutely, AI can assist in writing your cover letter. Certain AI-powered resume builders offer cover letter templates and use machine learning to customize content based on your background and the specific job you’re applying for. They ensure your cover letter is engaging, personalized, and tailored to highlight your suitability for the role.

Can I optimize my LinkedIn with AI?

Yes, AI can help optimize your LinkedIn profile. Certain AI resume builders can connect to your LinkedIn account, analyze your profile, and suggest enhancements to better match job descriptions. This ensures your profile is calibrated to attract potential employers and networking opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Having a well-crafted, tailored resume can significantly boost your chances of landing an interview, especially with the increased use of automated application screening.

There are many ways AI is having an impact in recruitment, and AI-powered resume builders can take the stress out of trying to craft the perfect resume on your next job search.

Whether you’re one of the first time job seekers, or a career professional, these AI tools offer a straightforward, time-efficient solution to create a resume.

If you’re looking for the best AI cover letter and resume builder on the market, why not give Rezi a try! You’ll be pleased with what it can do. 😀

Happy job hunting!

#1 Rezi 🥇

Rezi logo block

✅ Automatically generates Resumes and Cover Letters

✅ Custom designs for each role

✅ Perfect for all stages of your career

✅ Monthly or Yearly subscription plans available

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