ElevenLabs Review: Voice Cloning and Dubbing Test

When you mention artificial intelligence voice overs the first thing most people think of is Siri or Alexa.

Little do they know, these well known examples have set the bar incredibly low, especially when you see what ElevenLabs’ AI voice synthesis tools are capable of.

In this ElevenLabs review, I’ve taken a deep dive into AI powered voice cloning, synthesis, and dubbing tools to give an honest review based on my experience using the them first hand.

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Is ElevenLabs Legit?

ElevenLabs is an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence powered voice synthesis tool designed for individuals and businesses.

ElevenLabs is highly capable at voice cloning, text-to-speech synthesis, speech-to-speech synthesis, and AI powered dubbing.

Experienced users of AI tools often cite ElevenLabs as the best voice synthesis tool on the market and I tend to agree.

The web app is user-friendly and intuitive allowing this advanced technology to be accessed and used by almost anyone.

ElevenLabs is also incredibly affordable currently offering their Starter plan for only $1/month (That’s 80% off).

Overall I give ElevenLabs a 9/10 for quality, useability, and affordability. It’s miles ahead of the competition and with the constant innovation this gap appears to be increasing.

What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is an artificial intelligence powered voice synthesis tool that offers a range of functionality including voice cloning, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, dubbing, and more.

With advanced voice cloning technology, you can easily make voice clones that sound natural and human and only require a few seconds of audio.

ElevenLabs provides access to the largest library of community built AI voices, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of realistic, humanlike voices.

So whether you need voice cloning for voice over work, narration, or custom voice settings, ElevenLabs is the premier voice synthesis solution for generating authentic human voices quickly and at an affordable price.

ElevenLabs: Key Features and Capabilities

I've been following ElevenLabs for a while now and one thing I can say is that they're constantly innovating and releasing new products.

Let's take a closer look at what can be done with ElevenLabs' AI software. πŸ‘‡

Voice Cloning

ElevanLabs' Voice Cloning VoiceLab GUI

ElevenLabs' voice cloning tool has set the standard in the world of AI voices and voice overs.

The cutting edge tech from ElevenLabs allows you to clone voices with stunning accuracy, producing lifelike voices that are almost indistinguishable from the original.

Instant voice cloning transforms voice recordings, even those with background noise, into clear and precise spoken audio. The tool excels in text to speech conversion, offering a vast array of character voices and lifelike speech patterns.

ElevenLabs' voice cloning tool stands out for its ability to synthesize speech that captures the nuances and emotional tones of natural human voices, making AI voice generation almost indistinguishable from reality.


ElevanLabs Speech Synthesis GUI

The text-to-speech tools from ElevenLabs revolutionizes the way we convert written content into spoken audio.

The AI effortlessly turns text into natural-sounding speech, offering a wide range of voice options, languages, and accents.

This feature is perfect for creating engaging audio content for videos, podcasts, and e-learning materials.

The user-friendly interface allows users to create lifelike voices and narrations within minutes of signing up, making it an essential tool for professionals seeking a high-quality, efficient text-to-voice solution.


ElevenLabs Dubbing and Video Translator GUI

ElevenLabs' AI dubbing capabilities stand out for quality and ease of use.

With the ability to translate audio and video into 29 languages, the Dubbing Studio App allows effective dubbing for various content types, including TV shows and feature length films.

Key features include the obvious multilingual capabilities, voice style preservation, professional voice cloning, customization options, and a voice library.

The benefits of dubbing your content include global engagement, ease of use, content versatility, and end-to-end automation.

ElevenLabs is the top choice for AI dubbing in 2024.


ElevenLabs' latest innovation, speech-to-speech, is a groundbreaking feature transforming voice into various character personas with unmatched control over emotions, timing, and delivery.

This tool allows you to experiment with different characters, spanning various genders and age groups, and to modify emotions from extreme happiness to aggression, demonstrating the AI's ability to mirror human nuances.

The speech-to-speech functionality allows users to record themselves speaking in the exact tone and inflection style they desire, then convert it to any voice they desire.

This feature is a powerful concept for creators seeking to diversify their storytelling and engage audiences with attention grabbing narration.


The ElevenLabs API allows developers to harness all the aforementioned advanced features in their own webapps and sites.

Speed is crucial when dealing with APIs, and the Eleven v2 Turbo model shines here with its ~400ms low latency.

The API also adheres to high-security standards, including SOC2 and GDPR compliance, full privacy mode, and end-to-end encryption, safeguarding your data throughout the translation process.

Developers can join the ElevenLabs community here!

Customization Features

ElevenLabs stands out for its comprehensive customization features, offering much needed flexibility within the voice synthesis tools.

Voice tweaking enables users to refine and adjust various aspects of the generated voices to suit specific requirements.

A noteworthy feature is the auto speaker detect, which intelligently identifies and differentiates between multiple speakers in an audio clip, a super handy feature when dubbing.

Additionally, ElevenLabs provides access to a custom library of voices, including a rich assortment of community voices, which broadens the spectrum of vocal styles and accents available.

The ElevenLabs User Experience

The ElevenLabs user experience and user interface is another aspect that sets it apart from the competition.

Ease of Use

ElevenLabs shines as a text-to-speech tool, enabling users to effortlessly generate speech and clone voice with a few clicks. Its straightforward interface allows for quick creation of lifelike speech, showcasing the tool's ability to produce human-like voices and realistic voices with ease.

Mobile Experience

ElevanLabs' Mobile GUI

The mobile experience of ElevenLabs is commendable, offering users the flexibility to generate speech, clone voice, and create lifelike speech on the go. Its responsiveness ensures that the quality of voice outputs and the realism of synthetic voices remain consistent across devices.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of ElevenLabs prioritizes clarity and appeal, enhancing the experience of creating synthetic voices. Its aesthetics complement the high-quality audio output, making the process of generating human intonation and realistic voices both visually pleasing and functionally efficient.


ElevenLabs excels in performance, rapidly processing inputs to create lifelike speech and clone voice. Its capacity to handle how many characters and complex scenarios without compromising on audio quality or the realism of human speech is a testament to its robust architecture.

Navigating through ElevenLabs is intuitive, ensuring users can easily access features to generate speech and create synthetic voices. The layout is thoughtfully structured, facilitating seamless interaction whether you’re aiming to produce high-quality audio or experimenting with different human-like intonation patterns.


ElevanLabs' Pricing blocks

ElevenLabs has 6 different payment options to chose from with something for everyone:

  • Free: Free option with up to 3 custom voices and AI dubbing access.
  • Starter: Everything in free with 10 custom voices and commercial license for $1/month!. (Currently 80% off)
  • Creator: Everything in started with 30 custom voices and 100,000 characters for $11/Month! (Currently 50% off)
  • Independent Publisher: For independent authors and publishers that want to engage their audience using audio.
  • Growing Business: For growing publishers and companies with higher discounts and quotas.
  • Enterprise: For businesses that require a custom plan tailored to their needs.

How Does ElevenLabs Compare?

In comparison to other AI voice synthesis software in 2024, ElevenLabs ranks highest due to its exceptional ability to create lifelike speech, ease of use, and overall functionality.

It stands out for its voice style preservation, professional voice cloning, and customization features.

ElevenLabs' dubbing studio enables translating feature-length films, TV shows, and videos with full control over the outcome. Its affordability and user-friendly interface also contribute to its top ranking.

Other notable AI dubbing software include Speechify, Dubverse, Wavel.AI, Elai, Rask, and Hei, each offering varying features and language support, but ElevenLabs leads in overall performance and versatility

The biggest drawback of ElevenLabs is the limited number of available languages (27) when compared to other platforms - some of which have 100+ languages to choose from.

Real World Applications of ElevenLabs Technology

ElevenLabs' technology is making significant advancements in various sectors, leveraging its Speech-to-Speech (STS) and voice AI capabilities. Here are some key applications and use cases of ElevenLabs technology:


  • Videogames: STS enables richer character interplay, backstories, and player interactions, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Animation: The technology offers unique and consistent voices for characters in animated films and series.

  • Audiobooks: Elevates the storytelling experience with enthralling performances, pulling listeners deeper into stories.


  • Brand Voices: Allows for the creation of nuanced brand voices that encapsulate company personalities.

  • Explainer Videos: Helps produce polished explainer videos with clear and effective vocal deliveries.

  • Service Bots: Enhances service bots with a balance of professionalism and approachability.

Speech Synthesis and Voice Cloning

  • Voice Cloning: Can clone specific voices for use in media and video games, creating distinct and varied character voices.

  • Text-to-Speech: Features like Voice Design tool enable the creation of synthetic voices with varied ages, genders, and accents.

  • Customizable Output: Users can adjust speech settings such as speed, pitch, and add linguistic effects.

Language Learning

  • Role Playing Scenarios: Assists in practicing proper grammar and word usage.

  • Pronunciation Practice: Enables users to compare their pronunciation with the AI-generated audio for improvement.

Voice Assistant and Dubbing

  • Voice Assistants: The technology can generate spoken answers to user queries, enhancing interactivity.

  • Video Dubbing: Useful for social media content creators for dubbing videos in various languages and accents.

Additional Industries and Applications

  • Media and Entertainment: For dubbing videos in multiple languages and creating varied character voices.

  • Podcasting: Used by podcasters for narration and enhancing AI-focused content.

  • Publishing: Helps in creating audiobooks and adapting audio for news articles in multiple languages.

  • Education: Facilitates language learning and adaptive learning solutions.

  • Customer Service: Enhances e-commerce websites with voice assistants for better customer interaction.

  • Healthcare: Useful in patient communication and accessibility for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

Future Prospects

  • Expansion: Planning to include more languages and features, and introduce mechanisms for voice sharing on the platform.

  • Accessibility: Aiming to make all audio content universally accessible in any language and voice.

ElevenLabs Alternatives?

There are some viable ElevenLabs alternatives if there's something about the software that just doesn't work for you.

Some of the top ElevenLabs alternatives include:

  • Dubverse
  • Speechify
  • WavelAI
  • PlayHT
  • ResembleAI

Wrapping Up

In this ElevenLabs review, we took a deep dive into what is commonly referred to as the industries leading AI voice synthesis technology.

The perfect voice quality is enough to convince most people to use ElevenLabs' AI voice synthesis technology.

The ability to convert written text to speech, the wide range of voice settings, and the ability to dub and clone voices with absolute ease make ElevenLabs one of the most user-friendly platforms available.

Overall, ElevenLabs is a no-brainer for anyone looking to convert, create, and modulate speech in 2024.

ElevenLabs Logo

With the best quality by far, ElevenLabs will translate your audio, video, TV shows, and even feature length films into 29 languages within their Dubbing Studio App.

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