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10 Proven Methods to Make Money with Midjourney

Making money from your computer in the comfort of your own home is the dream – and with generative AI tools like Midjourney, it’s never been easier to do using AI-generated images!

If you’re looking to make enough money to cover the costs of your Midjourney subscription, or step it up and make some real money, you’re in the right place. If you want to level up your Midjourney game, don’t forget to check out the best Midjourney ideas and prompts.

In this article, I’ll outline the 10 best ways to make money with Midjourney.

How Do You Make Money With Midjouney?

With over 15 million users, there are a bunch of tried and tested ways to make money with Midjourney, and while some of these options are getting competitive, there is still an abundance of opportunities to make money with AI images.

The overarching principle here is simple: make high-quality AI-generated images using Midjourney, and use various online tools and apps to monetize your work.

American Money Midjourney Image

There are a number of different ways to achieve this, some are simple, and some are a bit more complex. Some take a little work, and some take a lot.

I’ve identified the best ways to make money with Midjourney as:

So if you’re a full time freelancer, or just looking to make some extra money with a cool side hustle, here’s the 10 best ways to make money with Midjourney! Let’s do it! 👇

1. Sell Your Best Prompts

Promptbase Homepage showing various prompts for sale

The easiest and quickest way to make a few dollars using Midjourney is to sell your best prompts.

If you’ve used Midjourney already you’ll know that sometimes, getting the prompt just right can be massively time-consuming.

This is where websites like Prompt Base come in handy. Prompt Base is an online marketplace for generative AI prompts catering for Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT.

Listing on Prompt Base is easy and only takes a few minutes, and most new prompts will get featured on the home page for a few days allowing you to get seen as a newcomer. I’ve made a few dollars myself selling my Animals of the Amazon prompt and a few others.

If you want to grow on Prompt Base make sure you list more than one prompt. In this case, it’s the more the merrier, provided you’re supplying original high-quality stuff.

Some alternatives to Prompt Base are Prompt Hero and FlowGPT.

2. Create Logos

Coffee Shop Logo made with Midjourney

Creating AI-generated images of custom logos can be a great way to start making money using Midjourney.

You might be surprised how many people are looking for this service, and one of the easiest ways to get going is to simply offer it to your Facebook friends or on other socials.

Finding a good prompt for generating logos is literally a Google search away, or you can use my Midjourney logos prompt. Alternatively, you can find one using Prompt Base as discussed earlier.

Side note: Letter and word generation in Midjourney has gotten a lot better in version 6, but if you want to try an alternative, I recommend Ideogram.

Another neat trick is generating AI QR codes! If you haven’t seen them already, they’re super cool! 😉

If you get really good, you can extend your audience to a broader market, which takes me to our next method 👇.

3. Use Freelance Marketplaces

Fiverr Homepage showing various job offers for AI generated art

You’ve probably heard about the online freelance marketplace Fiverr. Well as it turns out, stock image websites like Fiverr is a great place to monetize your Midjourney skills and sell your AI-generated art.

The simplest method here is to simply offer up your subscription. This means you kind of act as a middleman between the buyer and Midjourney for a fee. If they only have a few jobs, this saves the buyer from having to pay the full price for a subscription.

Alternatively, you can offer a specific service, for example generating ultra-real stock photos, YouTube thumbnails, food images, pet photos, logos, concept art, characters, and whatever else you can imagine!

The third option is to offer consulting or tutoring. I’ve seen people selling a 1-hour consultancy call on AI art generation for hundreds of dollars on Fiverr.

Building your profile on Fivver takes time but can generate some serious income once you become a reputable seller.

4. Setup Print on Demand

Redbubble Homepage showing various items including water bottles, hats, and bags with custom logos and imagery.

Print-on-demand is a really great low-risk way to start generating some income using Midjourney.

If you can market a print-on-demand product just right, you really can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars selling AI art.

Print-on-demand isn’t just t-shirts as you might think. It can be anything from selling AI prints, stickers, coffee cups, phone cases, hats, notebooks, and more!

I’ll tell you the secret to making big money with print-on-demand: Get in early on a viral trend.

It doesn’t matter which one, it can be any viral trend, just get in early. Use tools like Google Trends and Exploding Topics to find trends early. TikTok is also good for staying in the loop with emerging trends.

The benefit of print-on-demand is that you sell products in small or individual quantities based on actual sales and orders, reducing inventory and waste. This means you can try out literally hundreds of AI images and designs at no expense until you find one that works.

There are heaps of print-on-demand websites, check out Printful, Red Bubble, and Printify.

5. Create and Sell Books Using Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP Kids Books

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a print-on-demand service that allows authors to self-publish their books in digital and physical formats.

By combining AI art generation tools like Midjourney with generative AI language tools like ChatGPT, you can produce kids’ books with ease. The following video gives a full rundown on how to create a kid’s story and sell it using Amazon KDP.

Another easy way to make money with KDP is by creating notebooks and diaries. This is literally a blank book with an attractive cover and people are making hundreds of dollars!

6. Turn Real Stories into Videos

Watching a movie Midjourney Image

This is an interesting idea I came across that’s a bit more involved. The risk is higher but the potential reward could be massive if you did it right.

The idea is to turn existing stories into short YouTube movies using Midjourney images. Alongside this, you could use AI-generated music and a text-to-voice tool like Eleven Labs for narration.

You can get story ideas from newspapers, and books, but perhaps one of the best sources of a good story is Reddit! You can even just ask ChatGPT to make stories up.

I haven’t seen this in practice yet but it could be an awesome way to make money with Midjounrney. Additionally, Midjourney have mentioned they’re working on text-to-video so it could be an awesome thing to start building an audience for!

7. Grow a Social Media Account

Lady in dress midjourney image

One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to have a large social media following, but growing on social media isn’t as easy as it used to be. This is where Midjourney comes in.

I’ve spent a lot of time growing my Instagram and Pinterest accounts and I noticed something: Whenever I posted AI-generated girls, they get WAY more interaction than any other posts. Sex sells right?

Anyway, the idea is simple, use Midjourney to generate photorealistic images to quickly grow a social media account.

It’s another interesting approach to making money creating art in Midjourney, and you can try with whatever images you like! You could even start an account for an AI influencer. 😉

Note: Midjourney is getting stricter with their allowed keywords (strict PG-13 ratings, annoying I know) – alot of people are moving to Stable Diffusion for this reason.

8. Create an NFT Project

Bored Ape NFTs

The current bear market might be a great time to learn a new skill like creating and minting an NFT collection.

In the last bull market, I started building an NFT collection using Blender (design software) but I stopped because it was taking forever… If only I had Midjourney back then!

Creating a full NFT collection in Midjourney is now especially easy with Permutation Prompts.

Coming up with a good idea is the most important thing here. Do some research and try to identify some ideas that might be popular. If you get this right it’s a licence to print money 🤑.

Minting the NFT collection on Open Sea or Magic Eden is outside the scope of this article, but it really is as simple as following an online guide, of which there are many.

9. Build an Asset

Bookshelf midjourney image

Building a course or another asset is a great way to monetize your Midjourney skills.

Building a course and selling it on educational websites like Udemy can make huge amounts of money.

Midjourney course on Udemy
This Udemy course on Midjourney Mastery has made over $130,000!!

Another great way to make money with an asset is by using it to grow your email list. It’s simple: you offer the asset in exchange for someone’s email address.

They say that every person on your mailing list equates to about $1 of revenue per month if marketed right. Now imagine you have ten thousand people on your list. 🤯

10. Create YouTube Thumbnails

Midjourney youtube thumbnail example, cartoon man in front of a bunch of monkeys

Having the perfect YouTube thumbnail can be the difference between getting a few thousand views and a few million – it’s a key factor for growing on YouTube.

The cool thing about using Midjourney to create thumbnails is that it’s easy to craft eye-catching and unique images that get more clicks! Combine this with image background removal tools and you can craft really great thumbnails that would have traditionally taken hours and cost heaps!

You can also train a potential client’s likeness into your thumbnails using Midjourney with new plugins that have become available, Matt Wolfe does a great job of explaining it in the following video!

If you like this idea, skip back to section 3 and check out where you can try and sell your thumbnails!

Final Thoughts

In this article, I’ve covered 10 ways to make money using Midjourney.

While the list isn’t exhaustive, it gives you a good idea of what can be done with Midjourney to start leveraging AI to make some money online!

By using your imagination and keeping an abundance mindset there is money available for the taking!

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