The 5 Coolest Trippy AI Video Generator Tools

Using AI tools for trippy video generation removes the need for extensive video editing skills.

Not only are these tools easy to use, they’re pretty affordable too when compared to traditional options.

In this guide, I’ll walk through the 5 coolest trippy AI video generators you can start using right now for music videos, social media content, and more!

Let’s trip! 😏

Neural frames logo block

#1 Neural Frames

Neural Frames generates AI music videos and offers a range of other video editing features like stem extraction and 4k video output.

Leonardo Logo block

#2 Leonardo AI

Turns any image into trippy animations with impressive quality. Offers a range of additional AI features for creators.

#3 Kaiber

Kaiber is an AI music video generator that analyzes your song’s beat and mood to craft striking visuals that match.

#4 Pika

Pika is an emerging video generator with massive potential but is currently limited to 3-second clips only.

#5 Nova

Transform your songs into music videos with Nova. The intuitive interface and customizable effects make it a top choice.

What Are the Best Trippy AI Video Generator Tools?

Whether you’re looking for trippy video generation for YouTube, social media, TikTok, or somewhere else, these 5 tools showcase something for everyone. 👇

Trippy AI Music Video Generator

1. Neural Frames

Neural Frames logo

Neural Frames is an advanced AI tool designed for generating trippy AI visuals.

This text-to-video generator utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to convert your prompts and base images into psychedelic video creations.

Ideal for content creators or anyone curious about AI video generation, Neural Frames provides an accessible entry point with its free plan.

The tool allows you to direct the AI using images and prompts, enabling the creation of mesmerizing video clips, music videos, and social media content worthy of sharing. ✅

Neural Frames is the leading trippy AI video generator, seamlessly blending user-friendliness with robust AI features to create psychedelic video clips easily.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Video Generation: Neural Frames excels in converting text into engaging, trippy AI visuals. This feature allows users to craft unique videos that stand out.

  • Interactive Process: The AI video generation process is highly interactive, allowing users to adjust parameters and refine the visuals to their liking.

  • Customization Options: Users can train custom AI models for specific styles, control camera movements, and upscale videos to 4K resolution, ensuring high-quality outputs.

  • Audio Integration: The platform offers advanced features like stem extraction from music tracks, enhancing the synchronization between audio and visuals.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Neural Frames boasts an intuitive interface, making it easy for both beginners and professionals to navigate and create impressive videos.

Pricing Plans

Neural Frames pricing blocks with Neural Newbie, Neural Navigation, Neural Knight, and Neural Ninja for Free, $19, $39, and $99 per month respectively.
  • Neural Newbie: Free, 10 seconds of video generation.

  • Neural Navigator: $19/month, 12 minutes of video generation, 720p upscaling.

  • Neural Knight: $39/month, 36 minutes of video generation, 1080p upscaling.

  • Neural Ninja: $99/month, unlimited video generation, 4K upscaling.

2. Leonardo AI

Leonardo logo block

Leonardo AI is a versatile image and video tool that can be used for trippy AI video generation, offering users the ability to transform their creative ideas into wild and imaginative experiences.

Leonardo AI utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to convert text prompts and base images into hallucinatory and hypnotic videos.

It’s perfect for artists, content creators, musicians, and anyone interested in exploring the boundaries of AI-driven visual art.

Leonardo AI combines powerful AI with a user-friendly interface to offer a top-tier trippy AI video generation experience for creating content for altered states. 🫠

Key Features

  • Text-to-Video Generation: Leonardo AI excels in converting text prompts into kaleidoscopic visuals.

  • Interactive Creation Process: The platform offers a highly interactive video generation process, allowing you to tweak parameters and refine your videos for the desired trance-like effect.

  • Customization and Control: You can customize your videos extensively, including control over styles, camera movements, and video upscaling to ensure high-quality outputs.

  • Intuitive User Interface: The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to AI video generation can quickly learn and produce impressive trippy videos.

Pricing Plans

Leonardo Monthly Pricing blocks

Leonardo offers 4 pricing tiers:

  • Free: Experience basic features in Leonardo with 150 free fast tokens – enough for about 10 to 15 image generations depending on your settings.

  • Apprentice: This plan gives 8,500 fast tokens, allows private generations, train 10 models per month with 2 concurrent generations.

  • Artisan Unlimited: Artisan Unlimited gives 25,000 fast tokens and everything in the Apprentice plan plus unlimited relaxed generations when your fast credits run out.

  • Maestro Unlimited: 60,000 fast tokens, unlimited relaxed image and video generation, 50 models per month, and 6 concurrent generations.

3. Kaiber

Kaiber Logo

Kaiber is an advanced trippy AI video generator designed to create mesmerizing visuals from text prompts.

Ideal for artists, marketers, and anyone seeking psychedelic video content, Kaiber leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate AI videos that captivate and inspire.

Similar to Neural Frames, Kaiber offers full control over your edits, enabling you to create unique video clips, AI music videos, and social media content. This flexibility allows your creativity to flow seamlessly into unique and trippy AI visuals.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Video Generation: Kaiber’s main strength lies in its ability to transform text into vivid, trippy AI visuals, offering a seamless video generation process.

  • Creative Control: Users have extensive control over the style and dynamics of the generated videos, allowing for personalized and unique outputs.

  • High-Resolution Output: Kaiber supports up to 4K resolution, ensuring that the AI-generated videos are of the highest quality.

  • Audio Synchronization: The platform allows integration of music and audio tracks, enhancing the overall impact of the visuals.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Kaiber’s interface is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for both novice users and professionals.

Pricing Plans

Kaiber pricing plans

Kaiber offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Explorer: 7-day free trial then $5 a month for 300 credits and 1-minute videos.
  • Pro: 12,000 credits and 8-minute videos for $10 per month when billed annually.
  • Artist: 33,333 credits with 8-minute videos for $25 per month when billed annually.

4. Pika

Pika Labs Logo

Pika is a powerful yet relatively unknown AI video tool capable of generating groovy and hypnotic visuals based on your text input.

Simply head over to Pika, make an account, and start making your cosmic video content for free!

Starting with a text prompt, Pika generates 4 short video examples you can choose from.

From here, you can download the clip, or add another 4 seconds with a new text-prompt.

Pika can now add sound effects to your trippy visuals as well!

Pika is a great tool for anyone looking to generate ethereal and trippy videos with AI with a generous amount of free credits to get you started!

Key Features

  • Credits and Generations: Unlimited Chill or Lightning generations (Unlimited and Pro plans); High number of credits (2000 credits renew monthly for Unlimited, infinite credits for Pro); Initial and monthly credit renewals (700 credits monthly for Standard, 250 initial credits for Basic).

  • Lip Sync Audio Generations: Free Lip Sync audio generations (Standard, Unlimited, Pro plans); Lip Sync audio generations requiring 2 credits each (Basic plan).

  • Video Quality and Length: Upscale resolution (Standard, Unlimited, Pro plans); Extend video length (Standard, Unlimited, Pro plans).

  • Download Options: Ability to download videos (all plans).

  • Watermarks: No watermark on videos (Standard, Unlimited, Pro plans).

  • Additional Features for Professionals: Commercial terms (Pro plan); Early access to new features (Pro plan).


Pika offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: Free; 250 initial credits, 30 daily refill, Lip Sync audio (2 credits each), download videos.

  • Standard Plan ($8/month): 700 monthly credits, 30 daily refill, free Lip Sync audio, download videos, upscale resolution, no watermark, extended video length.

  • Unlimited Plan ($28/month): Unlimited Chill generations, 2000 monthly credits, 30 daily refill, free Lip Sync audio, download videos, upscale resolution, no watermark, extended video length.

  • Pro Plan ($58/month): Unlimited Lightning generations, infinite credits, early access, free Lip Sync audio, commercial terms, download videos, upscale resolution, no watermark, extended video length.

5. Nova AI

Nova AI logo

Nova is a purpose built web based editing app for creating far-out dreamlike visuals for you music video or social media content.

To get started with Nova head over to their website and click “Try for free”.

From here you’ll be introduced to the web app that allows some generous features for creating trippy videos on their free plan.

Key Features

  • Video Editing: Nova offers a full video editing suite for anyone looking to create and edit their trippy content all in one place.

  • Subtitles: You can generate captions, translate, and dub your content – very handy.

  • Audio Features: Nova offers a range of audio features which make it perfect for musicians.

  • Effects: Add a range of effects to your trippy visuals allowing for additional depth in your content.


  • Free: 30 min subtitles/translate, 30 min translate, 1,000 char TTS, 2GB upload limit, 20 min export length, watermarked.

  • Basic ($8/mo): 1,800 min subtitles/translate, 720 min dubbing, unlimited stock assets, 6,000 char TTS, 100GB storage, editing tools, subtitle downloads.

  • Pro ($14/mo): 3,600 min subtitles/translate, 1,440 min dubbing, unlimited stock assets, 15,000 char TTS, 500GB storage, editing tools, subtitle downloads.

  • Business ($44/mo): 10,800 min subtitles/translate, 4,320 min dubbing, unlimited stock assets, 40,000 char TTS, 2TB storage, editing tools, subtitle downloads.

Wrapping Up

Today we took a closer look at the best AI tools you can use to create videos with trippy visuals.

Neural Frames is the tool of choice and is widely regarded as the best trippy AI video generator available to consumers.

Other options included Leonardo AI, Kaiber, Pika, and Nova – which are all viable options for creating psychedelic visuals for social media or music videos.

I hope you found a trippy tool that is perfect for you! Happy editing. 🙂

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