Review 2024: AI Subtitles and Video Editor Review

Gone are the days of learning clunky, complicated video editing software or relying on agencies to get the job done. 

Today, there are plenty of intuitive, user-friendly video editing tools that let you edit professional quality videos with ease, even automatically transcribe audio files, and require no prior experience.

VEED is one such powerful online video editor. It allows any user to edit online videos so I decided to test it out.

In this article, I’ll review this video editing tool and explore its functionalities so you can decide if it’s a good fit. 

I’ll also share my two cents about this interface at the end. Let’s dive in. 

Veed Video Editing Tool Logo

An Overview of (TLDR)

Video editing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Cloud-based tools like VEED simplify the process and help you generate and edit creative content very quickly.

This online video editor requires no downloads and is perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Edit, enhance, and add creativity to your sales presentations, reviews, vlogs, and more – all without needing video editing expertise.

Veed Video Editing GUI Key Features

VEED comes with plenty of functionality.

I’ll dive into the most unique, user friendly, and relevant features this amazing tool offers to supercharge your video editing workflow.

1. Subtitles

Manually adding subtitles gives you the most control over accuracy, but it can be massively time-consuming.

Luckily for us, VEED's AI captioning tools automatically creates subtitles from your video files, saving you time.

Veed AI Subtitles

Veed's AI text-to-speech video maker allows you to instantly convert text to voice and add it to any video.

Users claim that the subtitles are 98.5% accurate - just click a button and VEED will do the auto subtitling.

2. Dubbing

Want to reach a wider audience with your videos? Consider translating the content with VEED's auto dubbing and translation tool.

The Pro plan can translate your subtitles into 100+ different languages.

Veed AI Dubbing and Translation GUI

It also lets you change the font and style of your subtitles to match your video's look.

3. Video Editor & Image Editing

VEED is also pretty handy when it comes to basic editing stuff like adding text or images to your videos.

Just choose an image from your computer or VEED's massive stock asset library, then drag and drop it where you want.

You can easily resize or edit it to fit your video perfectly too.

4. Audio Editing in Video

No video is complete without music. With VEED, you can add the perfect soundtrack to your videos.

Choose from their stock audio library or upload your own music.

You can easily cut, loop, and join audio clips, or add fun sound effects to set the mood.

5. Clean Audio

If you’re a content creator struggling to make your videos sound crystal clear, then VEED's Clean Audio feature has got you covered.

Clean Audio tool in the VEED Online Video Editor

There will be no more distortions or annoying background noise ruining your recordings.

Veed's Clean Audio feature will remove those unwanted sounds, making your voice crisp and easy to understand for viewers.

6. Music Visualizers

Music visualizers are a remarkable feature of VEED.

They grab attention, boost engagement, and make your video feel more polished and professional.

You can choose from different styles and customize the colors to match your video. 

7. Video Compressor

This function allows you to shrink the size of your videos at no additional cost. 

  • MP4 Compressor: VEED's built-in video compressor can squeeze your videos down by up to half their size, without sacrificing quality. This saves precious space on your device and makes uploading to social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube a breeze.

  • GIF Compressor: VEED also comes with a GIF compressor which can shrink animated GIFs by up to 50% while keeping the quality sharp. This is another brilliant feature that’s hard on other video editing tools without the proper know how. 

8. Video Converter

Let’s say you might record a video on your phone in a format that’s not compatible with uploading to YouTube.

A video converter feature like the one in VEED guarantees that your videos play anywhere and saves storage space by letting you change formats in seconds. 

  • Convert Videos: Easily change video formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc.) without needing extra software.

  • Screen Recorder: Record your screen and webcam simultaneously for tutorials, presentations, or even gaming videos.

9. Live Stream

The new Live Stream feature from VEED makes it simple to go live in minutes. 

VEED Livestreaming Recorder GUI
  • Add Media: Just click the button and prepare in the Green Room, where you can add text, and images, and customize the background before showing your face to the world. 

  • Get on Socials: Stream live on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or even a custom platform. Invite guests with a link, chat with your audience, and VEED will even automatically record your stream. 

Plus, you can edit it later, download the audio, and get transcripts. This feature is also available on the free plan, although there will be watermarks.

10. Additional AI Tools  

AI-powered features have taken VEED to the next level. 

  • AI Avatars: Create engaging videos with realistic, human-like avatars that speak your script. They are ideal for educational, business, or marketing content efforts. 

  • AI Script Generator: You can also make amazing high-quality scripts with VEED. This AI feature crafts creative and engaging content for your next business video.

Veed block logo

✅ Heaps of AI tools and functionality to choose from

✅ Full editing suite saving you money on multiple software

✅ Audio editing, cleaning, and visualization tools

✅ Massive library of stock images, video, and music Pricing

VEED offers four pricing tiers, including a free account. The free account lets you try out versatile features without any initial cost. 

Veed Pricing Blocks

However, access to more advanced tools requires a paid subscription. Here’s a breakdown of each tier:

  • Free: The free subscription limits video resolution to 720p and restricts editing to projects under 10 minutes. Additionally, any high-quality videos you export will feature a watermark. 

  • Basic: At $12 a month, you'll also get rid of watermarks and unlock all the video templates. This lets you create longer videos, up to 25 minutes in crisp Full HD (1080p). 

  • Pro: At $24 per month, you get all the features from Basic, plus a massive library of videos and audio, Clean Audio for professional-sounding results, and an option to translate subtitles and download them as STR files. 

  • Business: At $59 per month, you get 8,000 minutes per year for translating videos to over 50 languages, export your video projects in stunning 4K quality, and have access to AI Avatars for a limited time each year (240 minutes).

  • Enterprise: For companies with custom needs, this plan includes some powerful tools to streamline your video production workflow.

What Are People Saying About

People are overwhelmingly positive about VEED.

With 1600 reviews and a stellar 4.3 rating, users consistently rate VEED as an excellent platform.

Veed Trustpilot review from Gia Tran at 5 stars

Many users praise it as a simple and effective platform for creating YouTube videos, podcast videos, and short video clips, particularly useful for social media marketing and educational content creation.

Final Thoughts on

VEED is an online video editing tool that’s making rounds on the internet for its user friendly interface, a wide range of well-designed templates, great experience, and affordable pricing. 

The standout feature is the automatic AI caption generation which accelerates the process of adding the subtitles post-production. 

Do I recommend it? Yessir I do! 

I found that VEED is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

The learning curve is minimal, and for any challenging aspects, there is a whole library of explainer videos to help you guide through it. 

But still, if you’re skeptical about using VEED, start with the free plan to test its capabilities before considering a paid plan. 

Best Alternative?

VEED is a fantastic tool. It has pretty decent video creation and editing capabilities. 

But it might be overkill for some creators who just want a simple interface to add captions and create simple edits.

So, if you’re looking for a simpler alternative Submagic is a fantastic choice.  

It offers a range of advanced features like automatic subtitle generation, premium B-rolls, and multi-track audio editing.

Most of all, it's incredibly simple to edit and upload your content. FAQs

Who can use VEED?

Marketing teams, podcasters, and educators can use VEED to create clean, professional-looking videos.  

Does VEED offer a free version?

Yes, VEED comes with a free account that includes basic video editing features.

However, your videos will have low resolution and a watermark on it.

To access advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I use VEED offline?

No, you cannot use VEED offline. It operates as a browser extension, so you need to be online to use it.

Can I use VEED on my phone?

Yes, you can use VEED on your phone using a web browser since it doesn’t have an app. 

You can easily edit videos on your phone using features like rotation, cropping, resizing, and trimming. You can also add text, music, transitions, and much more. 

However, due to the smaller screen size and the detailed nature of video editing, you might find it more comfortable to use on a device with a larger screen like a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

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